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Font Conference Video

Anyone who works in graphics and design develops an eye for what jumps off the page and a disdain for what is mundane.

Every flyer, sign or ad is a chance to grab someone’s attention.

The resulting layout is often an epic FAIL due to the inclusion of stale, over-used fonts.

For all those graphics folks out there who can’t turn anywhere without running into Times New Roman and the rest of the typeface gang, here’s the Font Conference Video from the College Humor Web site.

And don’t forget that Futura Bold tried to warn you.

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Face Painting at its Highest Level

You can’t go to any little community street fair, church event or fund-raiser without someone slapping some paint on anyone under the age of 7 willing to slow down for at least three minutes.

Artist James Kuhn has painted his own face at a level of creativity that’s much higher than tiny pumpkins for fall or reindeer for Christmas.

His paintings are elaborate and completely transform his noggin into something that comes alive in a whole different manner.

He’s taken his painting project to the 365 phase, with a different facial facade for each day. On his Flickr site, he’s also got videos so you can see his art in action. I recommend checking out the great white shark.

He’s produced a photo book of his face painting too.

Everything from pop culture icons to food to nature become his subjects.

Here are just a few of my favorites.

BTW, this is my first NaBloPoMo post for November.

Come back every day this month and see what’s happening here at the Squirrel Queen’s palace.

Heck, just come back every day forever.

The Queen commands thee.

Killer Pillows

Lay your weary head upon these gruesome yet fun pillow cases and see what kind of sweet dreams you have.

One of the two pillow cases has a bloody axe and splatter patterns printed on it, while the other half of the pair has just a bloody puddle for your to place your noggin upon.

It might be the perfect gift for the serial killer in your life.

Pop Pillow produces these and has two other designs that are not as frightening. One is a devil and angel tandem with applicable horns and halo designs and the other applies to snoring.

You can order yours or check out the other designs at lazyboneuk.com.

H/T to Trendhunters

Meat Art

No, it’s not the Bacon of the Month Club’s mailing for October.

It’s art.

Artist Simone Racheli uses paper mache, wax and other stuff to create full-sized objects that appear to be made out of meat. It’s a bit gross, but also compelling. I can’t look away.

If you can read Italian, here’s a story about the exhibition in an Italian art magazine.

If you don’t read Italian, InventorSpot has some more details about the exhibit.

Mona Lisa Hits the Streets

Leonardo da Vinci’s famous smile has been spotted all over the place. Mona Lisa is hitting the streets hardcore and Web Urbanist has collected eight different graffitti works that include the classic piece of art.

She’s a reluctant visitor to the scene in this one.

and gets a bit cheeky in this one.

Go here to see the rest of the pics.

Attention Chicken

One last bird post.

I promise.

Or at least until something else of a feathered fowl nature catches my attention.

It’s the Attention Chicken.

A couple of artists sculpted it out of polystyrene foam and then painted it before hauling it around Wisconsin to see the reactions it would create. The Attention Chicken went everywhere from giant retail store parking lots to the beach to city street corners.

Go here for more pics and details.

Spirograph for the Internet

I wandered upon this site that is basically a Spirograph for the Internet crowd.

You no longer need green, blue and red bic pens and a bunch of clear cogged wheels to doodle and waste your time. Isn’t that what our computers are for?

It’s bomomo and I’ve included my first two masterpieces just to show you how a much of an artiste I am.