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Drunk at the Baseball Game

Ah, summer.

Hot nights and cold beer.

Baseball, hot dogs and brews, nothing goes together any better.

Just ask this young gentleman who partook of too many barley and hops beverages and ended up on the big screen at the ballpark. I love how the whole stadium lifts its voice together to cheer him on followed by his “peace out” reaction.

Now that I’m inspired, maybe I can talk Newscoma into taking a quick road trip for a minor league game.Isn’t tonight Thirsty Thursday?

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Is It Illegal To Cut Grass? – Drunk Steven on a Lawnmower

Drunken man on a lawnmower, it sounds like a show on the Speed Network, but it’s in fact a hilarious video of scofflaw Steven cruising the neighborhood with beer in hand and a bladder full of urine.


If you liked that one, check out this drunken soccer referee or the drunken Darth Vader.

Feel Good Friday On Vacation

I didn’t know if it would happen this year, but it is going to thanks to Sabrina’s magical healing powers.

I’m taking a vacation from work. I may not head to far from hearth and home, but I won’t be at work and that’s enough.

So in honor of my respite from the grind, I bring you the Go-Go’s.

Cheesy, yes. But just check out those big wide belts and giant hair and revel in mock the 80s fashions.

Others sharing the FGF vibe include Newscoma, Heartbreaktown, Sharon Cobb, Pesky Fly and Hollywood Ron.

Sports Illustrated Snapshots

Sports Illustrated is getting everyone in the mood for the upcoming 2008-09 college sports seasons by showcasing some of their top collegiate athletics photos from the 2007-08 seasons.

Amazing stuff. The three above were my favorites.

And CeeElCee, your Stanford teams are in the mix.

To see all 37 images, click here.

Soccer Squirrel

It may not be the Ministry of Silly Referee Walks that I posted earlier today, but I’m just saying that with the right beverage, my legion rocks on the pitch.

I present you with feral futbol.

Drunk Soccer Referee

The NBA has had issues recently with one of its referees entangled with gambling problems and making claims that some of the other zebras might be a little too cozy with a few coaches and players to make unbiased calls during games.

Now, soccer is having a problem with one of its men in yellow. During a Belarusian Premier League match between FC Vitebsk and FC Naftan Novopolotsk earlier this month, one of the refs had to be helped from the field after the game was over.

He claimed he was having back problems, but maybe it was just that he didn’t have enough Coca Cola back to go with his Jack Daniels or vodka or whatever he was funneling into his system.

He was taken to a hospital where it was determined he was inebriated.

If you watch him trying to “walk” off the field it looks more like a polka party in the drunk tank.

There are more details, here.

Beijing Trims Its Shrubbery For Olympic Topiaries

With the opening ceremonies less than a month away, the Chinese are putting away all their lead paint for toys and spiffing up the joint in preparation for the 2008 Olympics hosted by Beijing.

They’ve been busy scooping the algae out of the bay where the sailing competitions will be held, translating their menus into English (which includes some dishes like “chicken without a sexual life” and monitoring the smog levels.

They’ve also been busy trimming their shrubbery as well.

In the Beijing Olympic Gardens, the hosts have been busy creating giant unusual topiaries.

Here are a few of the images. You can see more of them and descriptions at Life in the Fast Lane.