Indian Robot Rampage

I ran across this clip from the Indian science fiction film clip that is ASTOUNDING!!!!!

I’ve seen two spellings for the name of the flick – Enthiran and Endhiran. The Indian to English translation for both those words must be Awesome!

If you can watch this with a straight face, count me impressed.  I grinned, giggled and guffawed while watching.

3 responses to “Indian Robot Rampage

  1. Yeah iv seen this movie. And there’s no language called Indian. The movie is made in a language called Tamil, which is a language spoken in one of the southern states of India. The word “Enthiran” literally means a machine or instrument, but in this context it refers to a robot.

    This movie was made recently, and like all Indian movies it is over the top when it comes to action sequences. The fact is, movies like Matrix had a huge effect on Indian film-makers, and they wanted to have Matrix-esque stunts in each of their movies. But Matrix obviously had logical explanations for those time bending action sequences. Explanations that were too complex to be included in run-of-the-mill Indian movies and hence the directors just throw in similar action sequences and the audiences don’t really complain. To be honest, its just a part of the movie viewing pop culture in India, just like how in Chinese martial arts movies the heroes fly and tiptoe on water (Crouching Tiger…, Hero) and those movies are considered Oscar material.

    Just to throw things into perspective, here’s an article on the actor of this movie on Do read it. You’ll get an idea on why things are done the way they’re done in the Indian Movie Industry.

    Also, on a side note, the Indian movie industry consists of movies from different states of India. You have movies made in the languages of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali etc etc. India has a very vibrant and diversified movie culture, which is one of the reasons why Hollywood has not been able to dent the Indian film industry the way it did in other domestic markets. The biggest openings are always for indian films in India and the box office collections of hollywood movies in India almost never surpass those of Indian films.

    To be sure, I love hollywood movies. From mainstream stuff like the social network to docus like “Restrepo” iv watched them all. Hollywood movies make far more sense, true, but i would still line up for an Indian movie the day its released.

    P.S: I know that this was just a light/humorous post that you’ve put up, but i was just trying to put things into perspective. Sorry for the long comment. Cheers. 🙂

    P.P.S: Here’s the list of predictions for Oscars 2011. Do check it out.

  2. Thanks for the links and info. Yes, it was just a lighthearted post. Just a little something to pass a part of the afternoon for those who stopped by my blog.

  3. American is a language now too dontchakno !

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