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Attention Chicken

One last bird post.

I promise.

Or at least until something else of a feathered fowl nature catches my attention.

It’s the Attention Chicken.

A couple of artists sculpted it out of polystyrene foam and then painted it before hauling it around Wisconsin to see the reactions it would create. The Attention Chicken went everywhere from giant retail store parking lots to the beach to city street corners.

Go here for more pics and details.

Sending Jay My Gayest Look

Jay Leno has again stirred up some folks’ ire with his recent interview with Ryan Phillipe in which he harangued the actor to show off his “gayest look” referring to a soap opera role earlier in the actor’s career. Despite repeated requests, Phillipe denied Leno the pleasure.

As a result, the web has been flooded with a flock of flippin’ birds for Jaybird Leno as netizens display their “gayest look” at the site My Gayest Look.

Pic after pic and some artists’ renderings have been added to the site to emote the dismay at the late night comedian’s repeated homophobic humor. I’ve spotted some familiar names, a famous name and a popular cat among the flippers.

Freedom of speech goes both ways.

HT to Newscoma.

UPDATE: Leno has released a public mea culpa, saying, “I certainly didn’t mean any malice. I agree it was a dumb thing to say, and I apologize.”