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It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye

A classic example of Karma and paybacks played out in short film format.

It takes a bit to get to the payoff, but it is well worth it during this tale of angry lovers reconciling during a drive across town.

Electic Bush Bugaloo II = Dubya Busts A Move In New Orleans

Dubya was in the Big Easy this week for a leadership conference and once again George W. Bush swiveled his hips, this time to a jazzy beat.

Our nation’s leader has shown off his dancing moves around the globe as documented earlier by the Squirrel Queen here. Go see how our fearless leader has been flashing his dance at the international level.

I’m predicting at least one more Bush dancing moment in the future of the Internet. I’m guessing we’ll get to see his dance moves at the upcoming wedding of his daughter.

Drunk Darth Vader

So it seems a drunk young man in the UK assaulted his neighbors.

That’s not so out of the norm.

However, add in the fact that the victims were filming their lightsaber battles in their backyard during the assault and it gets a bit odder.

Then throw in the fact that the perpetrator used a black garbage bag and a cape as his own Star Wars costume and screamed “Darth Vader” repeatedly during the assault and it amps up the strange factor quite a bit.

Not done yet though. “Darth” used a metal crutch to assault his neighbors. A crutch he later claimed in court he had no recollection of acquiring.

For the full story and some Star Wars videos, check out PopFi.

For those not familiar with the Star Wars saga, let this 3-year-old girl explain it for you.

Human Homer Simpson

I love the yellow denizens of Springfield, that city that’s hard to pinpoint exactly on a map of the United States.

The Simpsons are the ultimate “nuclear” family and have been a source of inspiration and entertainment for many.

Digital artist Pixeloo has spent some time replacing Homer’s jaundiced complexion and making him a bit more human. It’s actually kind of creepy to see.

Bart’s dad isn’t the only one to get the Pixeloo treatment. He calls it “untooning” and he’s done Mario from the video game and he’s taken Jessica Rabbit from the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” to a full-flesh forum. Vavavoom.

At his site, you can see a video of how he transformed Jessica. It’s pretty fascinating stuff.

For something even a bit weirder, a fan of Pixeloo has animated the human Homer.

Human Video Games

How brain dead am I today?

I get mesmerized by these sorts of visuals. Hyp-mo-tized as David Letterman would say.

There are more such videos at Game Over.

Games getting the human treatment include Space Invaders, Pole Position and the original Pong.


The Tetris video used 88 human “pixels” and required 880 individual photos shot over 4 and a half hours.

French-Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond of the NOTsoNOISY creative agency is the brain behind the video.

Kraak & Smaak

It’s nearly Saturday night and I’m ready to see the tiny square reflections of light spinning around a room as they bounce off a disco ball.

Ok, so maybe I won’t be twirling about under a disco ball tonight, but I will listen to some more Kraak & Smaak, the best thing to come out of the Netherlands since Van Gogh.

If you go to their site you can listen to tons of their music. They do quite the cover of “Man of Constant Sorrow.” Yep, the one from the “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack.

There’s definitely a club vibe to lots of their music. Toe tappers, that’s what my grandma would have said about them, not that she went to clubs. Lawrence Welk was more her style.


Here’s a video for you visual types. Love the flipbook look.

I Love the World

The Discovery Channel is no longer one week of sharks and 51 weeks of a combination of fighter jets and Adolph Hitler.

The network has grown and diversified over the past decade. Shows like Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters and Survivorman have been plugged into the schedule along with some amazing nature shows. A pretty good percentage of my viewing time is spent tuned in to the Discovery Channel. Yes, I do watch a few shows other than Survivor and Amazing Race.

To honor the upcoming Earth Day on Tuesday, the network has put together a little video.

They’ve even got Stephen Hawking singing along with their catchy little ditty.

I’ll be humming this for the next few days.

Boom de ah da, Boom de ah da.

One Strange Morning

What a morning the Squirrel Queen has had.

Earthquakes, mimes, Soulja Boy and naked birds.

And no, there weren’t any illegal stimulants involved.

Instead, I was awakened by my bed shaking. This time it wasn’t my red hot lover nor the three hounds who usually inhabit my slumber area causing the ruckus.

Yep, the earthquake woke me up. I’ve never lived in LA, so this is one morning to remember.

I could feel the wave-like motion as the bed shifted back-and-forth from side to side. The metal pulls on

the dresser in the room were clanking rhythmically and the curtains were swaying. It took me a minute to register what was going on, but I was aware of the quake before everything came to standstill.

Oddly enough, I was just thinking about the New Madrid fault line two days before.

And, no, this doesn’t make me a psychic.

Then I’m trying to find something to write about for PopFi and lo and behold I come across a book printed in 1974 that had mimes acting out the alphabet. Yes, it was cleverly titled, the Mime Alphabet Book.

Check out the image at the top for the letter X just to get a notion about how freaky this is.

So I do some Mime research and learn that Marcel Marceau had an alphabet book too.

And somebody has taken the time to mash-up Soulja Boy with Marcel Marceau and another guy has a mime video to Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn.

So I put together a mime post over there.

Well worth a look I think.

Then things got even weirder, if you can top a hip hop mime video, when I found the naked cockatoo named Oscar. The plucked bird reminded me of the little creepy cornish game hens from Eraserhead.

Strange, I tell you.

A strange morning.

Cash Money Cartoons

As I mentioned the other day, I can’t draw worth a flip.

Badger, who can draw a mighty fine cartoon or caricature, always giggles when she sees my rough artistic renderings. Hmmm … rendering, that’s what you do with fat isn’t it?

Anyway, I found this set of pics on Flickr that another artist has posted.

The set involves U.S. greenbacks, ink pens and occasionally some highlighters.

Joe D takes money and draws some clever and eye-catching caricatures on Lincoln, Washington, Hamilton and the gang. Some are inspired by pop culture while others are just funny.

Here are a few selections. To see them all, go here.

I love a silly pun and the one above is pretty obvious dontcha think. It’s a Lincoln log for the less literal among you.

Come on now. Hum the Batman theme and think dreamy thoughts about Adam West.

We’ll end with a little EMO for you.

Play-Doh Bunnies Take Over New York

I’m one of those people who is more likely to pay attention to the commercials played during a broadcast than the actual show they sponsor.

Sony Bravia has utilized some eye-catching ways to tie the idea that their high definition televisions bring bold color to the consumer’s home in a way that the competitor can’t replicate.

To get their point across, Sony has used 250,000 high-bouncing super balls, spools of thread, explosions of paint and Play-doh bunnies to make their case. There’s another Bravia commercial to be released any day now in which a Miami street was filled with foaming bubbles.

The commercials are riveting and, of course, colorful. The music also sets the tone in theses adverts.

I can’t get enough of the Velveteen plasticene rabbits roaming the big city streets. It’s even more intriguing when you see the behind the scenes stuff about how the commercial was pulled off. They used natural lighting and allowed the public to wander in and out of the frames. A record was established with 40 animators on the set. Their moves were choreographed and finely tuned during a week of “boot camp” as they learned the steps needed to “wrangle” their rabbits into place. And let’s not forget to mention the 30-foot tall red rabbit that rises to loom over the street.

Check out the bunny commercial and all that went into making it.

Here is the first commercial in the series featuring the bouncing balls with musical accompaniment by Jose Gonzalez performing “Heartbeats.”

Here are the paint explosions filmed in Glasgow and using 70,000 liters of paint with the thunderous orchestral backing music from Rossini.

For those with a geometric bent, here are the spools of thread in an Egyptian setting.

The Squirrel Queen can’t wait to see how the Foam ad turns out.

Now Shhhh! Everybody be quiet. My television show is about to start again.