Subway Ticket Pixel Art

Department store workers in Tokyo used subway tickets to create a huge mosaic of Astro Boy to honor the opening of a new metro line.

138,00 stubs were needed to create the 10 x 7 foot pixel artwork.

The mosaic wasn’t the first by the store employees, who donated their time. The group originally put together a reproduction of the Mona Lisa.

Pink Tentacle has more pics of the Astro Boy artwork.

I wonder if Brittney saves all her BART tickets, could she come up with something like this on a smaller scale.


3 responses to “Subway Ticket Pixel Art

  1. Oh wow – that’s super cool!

  2. Once you run out of money on your BART ticket the turnstyle eats it. Also, when you put more money on your old card, it keeps the old one and spits out a new one. Otherwise, I would try to keep them all.

    There is a charity that accepts BART tickets with a dollar or even a few cents on it, but I haven’t figured out how that works yet.

  3. Oh well, I was just wondering if you’d wrap your creative mind behind your stubs.
    Maybe the charity has a deal w/ BART that they can take those penny tickets and trade them in for full tickets.

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