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Ridiculous Prom Gowns

Ahhhh, spring is in the air (finally).

With that breath of fresh air comes prom season for those just waiting to make that once-in-a-lifetime purchase of the ultimate gown and tuxedo combination.

Ohhh, the folly of youth.

Over at, the images of prom finery gone awry are giggle inducing.

Everything from camo (below) to Winnie the Pooh can be spotted in this prom walk.

And if you thought I was going to share a photo of me from prom past, think again.

Rappin’ Easter Bunny

Newscoma may provide all the zombies, but I’ll bring you a rappin’ bunny.

Feel Good Friday Body Movin’

I’m back with a bit of the Beastie Boys (with help from Fatboy Slim)  for my Feel Good Friday contribution.

I played this on the jukebox for Newscoma yesterday.

Here’s the video version today.

Play Ball!

Play Ball!

Those words are music to my ears.

Baseball is back and the jubilation at Casa de Squirrel Queen is uncontainable.

There aren’t many sports I turn my nose up at, but baseball owns my heart.

The first game of the season is under way right now with the Phils taking on the Braves.

Of course I consider the first Monday the actual opening day – not just two featured teams in action, but nearly every one  in the league taking to the diamond.

The green grass, the white lines, the red earth of the basepaths – that looks like heaven to me.

Cheesy Poof Velvet Elvis

How many times have you heard the phrase “Don’t play with your food” blasted out into the atmosphere when dining in such luxurious eating establishments as McDonalds and Taco Bell?

If those unruly kids can create art with their fries and guacamole, I say let them play … that is as long as I’m seated far away from them.

Here’s some food art to tempt your palate and your creative eye …

A rendering of Elvis made from cheesy poofs and velvet.

For more from the Picasso of the french-fried potato, check out EclecticAsylumArt.

He paints with everything from chocolate sauce to mascara to ketchup and plastic army men.

Amazing stuff.

Rumors of the Squirrel Queen’s Demise …

I know, I know.

It’s been a long time since I’ve paid much or any attention to these digs, but I’m back.

Like the great Mark Twain said,  “Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.”

Between basketball season and my recovery from basketball season, the arrival of 10 puppies, a trip to the reunion of the original Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, enduring a viewing of “Twilight” and just taking a general mental break, I vow to bring you links to more stupid crap on the Internet on a consistent and regular basis.

That’s my promise to you – all 4 of you loyal readers out there.

More goofy junk from the www via the Squirrel Queen.

Thanks for stopping by and please come back again.