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The Oscar goes to …

It seems the innertubes are buzzing about “the dramatic chipmunk”.

First, I’ve learned its actually a prairie dog. What a prairie dog was doing in Japan where the clip originated has never been made very clear, but the impersonation of a chipmunk is spot on. Squirrel Queen can spot an imposter a mile away, but gives a thumb’s up and kudos to the prairie dog for this one. Well deserving of the little golden statue it earned.

Second, the dang thing is funny. The choice for the music bed was brilliant.

Squirrel De Milo

So I’ve been thinking about not having arms since I did the meme the other day.

Would Dick Tracy, Barney Miller or Grissom be able to nab an armless criminal?

The CSI squad could be in trouble. Fingerprints would not be an evidence option in checking out a crime scene.

Something to ponder.

It’s all about me me me me meme

Newscoma has tagged me to put more of what makes the Squirrel Queen stand out from her loyal subjects.

I’ve got to put 8 more tidbits about what makes me tick. Oh wait, errr, Newscoma is Tick. Let’s try that again.

I’ve got to put 8 more tidbits about what makes me me.

Here are The Squirrel Queen Files.

1. I practice picking things up off the floor with my toes in case my arms get chopped off in a horrible logging accident.

2. Speaking of logging, my best Halloween costume ever was called “Revenge of the Spotted Owl” and involved a flannel shirt.

3. I love watching reruns of old TV shows late at night on Nick At Nite. I’m talking about everything from the brilliant Dick Van Dyke Show to the super nostalgic Leave It To Beaver to the really cheesy things like Mr. Ed.

4. Once I get started on a jigsaw puzzle, I can’t stop until it’s finished. The more pieces, the better.

5.  I hate missing the previews when I go to the movies. If it’s too close to the start time when we arrive, I prefer to wait for another showing of the flick.

6. When I was a kid, I thought the greatest thing I could grow up to be was the next Carol Burnett.

7. I have no skills with a yo-yo. Gravity wins.

8. I have had the same wristwatch for about 15 years. Time keeps on tickin’ …

There you go. More useless trivia about the Squirrel Queen.

So if you’re ever on Jeapordy and Alex shows the categories and there between Opera and Condiments you spy Squirrel Queen, you can say, with confidence, “Alex, I’ll take Squirrel Queen for $500.”

Now, I’m supposed to tag 8 folks, but I’m not tagging anyone, but if you want to do your own meme on your blog, feel free.

Or if you’d like to leave random odd tidbits about yourself in the comments below, go to it.

Reptile bulimia or hippo upchuck

I was actually looking for the video trailer for Jerry Seinfeld’s next project, Bee Movie and typed some info into the youtube search slot and this is what I got instead.

Amazing. A giant snake has eaten a hippo. Incredibly distended, prodded by some men, the reptile then stretches its mouth in an unbelievalbe distortion and then sloooowwwlly vomits out this hippo. Granted, I don’t think it’s a full grown hippo, but STILL. It’s huge compared to the original circumference of this snake.

Here’s the video

After “digesting” this nature flick, I went back and found my original target – Jerry Seinfeld. Here’s a clip featuring the sitcom star and director Steven Spielberg along with a few other cameos.

Oh, and if you’re interested, here’s the actual trailer to Seinfeld’s animated flick, Bee Movie.


So I finally got around to taking my personality test to find out which world leader I most resemble.

Newscoma posted this the other day and I didn’t take the time to fill in all the little circles to see my all-powerful soul mate. With everybody over there matching up with Hitler and Kennedy with a few Bill Clintons mixed in, I wondered who would be the salt to my pepper.

And, lo and behold, you can call me Al.

See, I knew I was a kindred spirit with Albert. That’s why I posted this and created the pic below a while back.

If you’d like to take the test to find what world leader you match, go here.

Chicken Little

So I was expecting another scorcher today – blazing sun, dustbowl conditions, an SPF 500 sort of experience – when I heard an unfamiliar pitter patter against my window pane.

What could it be?

Something was dropping from the sky. Like Chicken Little, I went running through the house yelling that the sky was falling.

Then I recalled fairy tales from my long-ago youth, rumors really, that I heard sitting at the knee of my great, great grandmother. Recalling stories she had heard when not much older than  the wide-eyed tot absorbing her own words like a kitten lapping up milk from a bowl, she recounted these myths. She told tales of wetness that fell from the clouds above and soaked the hard, crusted earth. The drops fell as individuals but worked together to create puddles and mud and turn the grass green and encourage the flowers stand up tall and proud.

These moist alien invaders from space were welcome and regular visitors. Bringing bounty to the land, which first filled the larders and pantries and root cellars and eventually the bellies of the people.

After recalling these legends of intruders from the sky called RANE, I doubted these tall tales as a mental creation – a dream saga of a senile old woman.

I then called Homeland Security to alert them of a potential terrorist invasion from above.

I feel so much safer now.

Rice the traveling squirrel

One of the Squirrel Queen’s legion has been very busy as a traveling vagabond.

Rice the squirrel has been traversing the nation with a goal of visiting all 50 states. For a plastic squirrel, he gets around and has had several exciting adventures.

He has not only met hot X-games and Olympic athletes like Shaun White, but he’s visiting everyday folks on his stops here and there across the nation.

Check out his adventures on his Web site Hometown Invasion.

Here’s Rice’s flickr site so you can see Rice in action.