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Ellen be gellin’

The Oscars are over. Ellen turned in a worthy performance. It wasn’t necessarily a home run, but I’ll give her a solid double off the fence in the gap.

Compared to some of the manic efforts by Billy Crystal, it was much more restrained, but several of the bits (the script to Scorsese, the photo op with Eastwood with Spielberg taking the snaps) brought the laughs.

I don’t remember any horrific Red Carpet moments or fashion miscues. On the other hand, none of the dresses were over the top spectacular either. The fashion was way on the quiet side. Star Magazine will have a lot less to work with than some years (Bjork anyone?).

And I definitely didn’t miss the Debbie Allen dancers and their Fame rehashes. I’m all for inviting the shadow dancers back again next year.

 This year will probably be most remembered for Marty winning his first Oscar rather than some sidebar thing like Jack Palance doing push-ups.

 I’m okay with that.

The show’s over so I guess we’ll just have to head back to the movies and get ready for next year.

Buttered popcorn and Goobers anyone?

It’s about time

The long wait for Martin Scorsese is over. Nominated about a billion times, the great director is finally rewarded with one of those small but heavy gold statues.

Even cooler was seeing Coppola, Lucas and Spielberg present it to him.

Talk about legends of film. Quite a quartet.

Forrest v Idi

Forrest Whitaker is an amazing actor. I could watch him do anything. He is incredible and always an interesting and giving when interviewed. He reveals his motivation and spirit in the answer to every question.

Nashville is in the House

Reese Witherspoon, as the winner of the Best Actress statue last year, presents the Oscar to the Best Actor this year.

I Walk the Line indeed.

Missing them already

Oscar’s annual tribute to departed members of the creative world of films was more muted this year it seemed. The audience was less free with its applause as the faces flashed across the screen.

The applause-0-meter seemed to peak on Robert Altman but Jack Palance got quite a hand.

Oscar Diva

Jennifer Hudson won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and soon after ripped the roof off the joint with her performance of the tune from Dreamgirls.

So what does Simon Cowell know. I don’t watch American Idol and this is one of the reasons why. This and that dreadful drivel by Chris Daughtry.

The L word

Melissa Etheridge just gave a quick smooch to her wife Tammy Lynn Michaels after her name was announced as the winner of the Best Song Oscar for her tune from Inconvenient Truth and then gave a pure truth in her acceptance speech when she said we may be red or blue but everyone is green.

Possibly the ugliest teen of the 70s

Flashing back to somebody from earlier in the show that I meant to touch on – Jackie Earle Haley.

I was curious what he’d been up to since I last saw him take his cuts in the batter’s box with Walter Matthau and Jody Foster as costars. I checked him out on 

In between The Bad News Bears and his Oscar nominated turn in Little Children, Jackie  kept himself fed, if not busy, with work on such TV stalwarts as MacGyver, Love Boat and Murder She Wrote during the 1980s.

The 1990s were a bit sparse … an exception was a role in Maniac Cop 3.

Who knew.

My heart won’t go on

Moments after listening to the beautiful mood setting music – dramatic, romantic, eery – played as a tribute to the works of Ennio Morricone, my personal Oscar bash suddenly came to a grinding halt as Celine Dion strode across the stage and my pulse slowed to a dull thud.

Must the show go on?

 If you’re going to startle us with the creepy Canadien’s presence can I keep up this ongoing blogfest without turning it into a screed railing against Dion and her Titanicly-proportioned schmaltz?

I don’t know if I can go on?

powerful performance

We’ve seen Melissa Etheridge singing her song from Inconvenient Truth at the Oscars, but will we ever be able to forget her powerful live performance from a couple of years ago as she was battling cancer.

I don’t think we will. Ever.