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Auld Lang Syne With A Japanese Hendrix Twist

Who needs Dan Fogelberg.

Nothing says Happy New Year to me like a Japanese Jimi Hendrix tribute band playing Auld Lang Syne.

For Feel Good Friday, straight from Osaka to Number One in your heart with a little bit of Foxy Lady thrown in for good measure.

OK, now that I’ve tormented you, here’s the original Jimi’s version.

Happy New Year 2010 (Fingers Crossed)

So long 2009. I’m not sorry to see you go.

You were rotten in a way that didn’t quite top 2006, the year of The Suck, but you were still unpleasant in more ways than one.

Listen up 2010, I have high expectations for you. You’re no imbecile, but my instructions for you are about as simplistic as the ones posted on that bottle of champagne up there at the top of the page. Be kind. Don’t kick folks when they are down. I’m sure you want to be remembered as “that year” that turned things around for people, instead of the one that haunts their past. You’ve got a chance to get this second decade of the century off on the right foot. I know I’m asking big things from you.

Yes, I’m going to do my part and change many of the habits and routines I’m stuck in, but you have to give back a little too.

So, 2010, let’s make a pact right now. You take care of your end of the bargain. I’ll do all I can on my end and maybe I won’t have to write smack about you at this time next year.

Happy New Year!!

The Movie Timeline

For movie buffs out there, the Movie Timeline is an exhaustive chronological list of events that happened in movies starting with the dawn of time and the beginning of our planet

“In the beginning… God created the heavens and the earth (The Bible)”

all the way into the future to the year

“865,427,810 Alexander Hartdegen briefly arrives from 802,701 (The Time Machine)”

Everything else in between is included as well.

Here’s another example. All the things below happened in movies set in the year 1954.

“1954 Ray
Don Vito Corleone dies while playing with his granddaughter; Carlo Rizzi dies and his son Michael Francis Rizzi is born (The Godfather)
Godzilla is discovered and destroys Tokyo, before being killed by an oxygen destroyer (Godzilla, King of the Monsters!)
New England – Messrs Peacock, Scarlet, White, Plum, Mustard & Green may have murdered My Boddy, a cook, a maid, a policeman, a chauffeur & a singing telegram (Clue, 1985)
March 9: Edward Murrow broadcasts report condemning Senator McCarthy’s methods (Good Night, and Good Luck)
April 6: Senator McCarthy broadcasts his reply to Edward Murrow, accusing him of Communist leanings (Good Night, and Good Luck)
June: Squatney, London – Nigel Tufnel and David St Hubbins first meet, going on to form legendary rock band Spinal Tap (This Is Spinal Tap, 1984)
June 22: Christchurch, New Zealand – Teens Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme murder Pauline’s mother Honora (Heavenly Creatures)
November 24: Linda Porter dies, leaving Cole a widower who would rarely write again (De-Lovely)”

Interesting minutia for movie geeks. I’ll admit I didn’t read it all, skimmed it instead. Still, it’s a pretty cool list.

It’s interesting to see history overlap with fiction. Looking through the early 1940s, you see Pearl Harbor bombed and other World War II events listed because they were plot points in war movies.

I see the list being used as a reference tool for writers.

H/T to Roger Ebert from his Twitter stream @ebertchicago.

Merry Christmas from Squirrel Queen

Here’s hoping everyone who stops by here has had a Merry Christmas and a wonderful day no matter the holiday they celebrate.

Christmas Prank on Louie

One man (Louie) leaves his key to his apartment with a friend before heading out of town for a week in early December.

Inspired friend invites mischievous elves loaded with Christmas paper and tape over to the temporarily-vacant abode.

Wrapping ensued.

Everything got the treatment, including dish towels, curtains, light switch plates and the food inside the fridge and freezer. Nothing escaped their paper.

Feel Good Friday – Stay Up Late – Talking Heads

I heard part of this song this morning while in the truck. I sang along until I turned the key to get out of the vehicle.

I wanted to relive the whole thing, so, lucky you, I’m sharing it as my Feel Good Friday tune.

The Talking Heads with “Stay Up Late”.

Christmas on Acid – The Vestibules

More Christmas merriment to further tweak your need for alternative carols.

It’s by The Vestibules’ Christmas on Acid with visuals from most of your favorite holiday cartoons. Ahhh, nostalgia.

HT Raincoaster