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Doodle While You Listen

A new study shows that if you doodle while you listen, you are more likely to retain the boring information the yappers are yakking at you. Yada, yada, yada, yada.

Apparently the doodling activity keeps you focused just enough to deter you from actually wandering off into a daydream in lala land. Thus you hear and retain a bit more of the info.

If this is all true, Badger must never let anything slip by her during a conversation.

But I ask, will doodling while watching a video about counting passes make you pay more attention?

Feel Good Friday – Buttercup

The weather goes from warm to a snowy forecast.

The calendar is about to turn from February to March.

B keeps writing about her shy daffodils.

I’m ready for spring.

In honor of a spring flower, I present you Buttercup from Something About Mary.

Humanzee – Oliver the Chimp

So the dogs woke me up at 3:45 a.m. to go out for a urinary jaunt.

Upon opening the door and getting a face full of cold air as I let them out and back in, I was immediately wide awake.

Trying to find something on the TV to knock me back out again, I watched the end of a MacGyver episode. (For the big finale, he used two silver candlesticks wrapped in bare wires to conduct electricity and defibrillated a man’s heart to bring him back to life. So what did you do at work today? Top that.)

When the mulleted magician was done, I was still wide awake. Surfing the channels, I found a show on the grid entitled “Humanzee” on the Science network. I thought to myself, that will do the trick. I’ll be conked out in 8 minutes.

Instead I was fascinated by the story of this chimpanzee brought from Africa in 1960. It turned out to act differently from all other chimps. Oliver preferred to walk upright. His cranial features were more humanoid than the average Zippy the Chimp. The animal trainers it lived with said it was capable of doing tasks and that other chimps shunned it.

Strange indeed.

At around the age of 16, Oliver’s libido took over and resulted in his being sold by his original owners, beginning an odyssey around the globe. There was talk that Oliver was a hybrid between a chimp and a human.

I still can’t believe I fell back to sleep with this animal mystery on the TV screen, but I did.

So, thanks to Youtube, I tracked down the rest of the episode in six parts.

Here is the first of the videos, so you can see why I wanted to know more.

Oliver image, MacGyver Image, upright Oliver image

Hugh Jackman’s Opening Montage for 2009 Oscars

Wolverine did a bang-up job of singing and dancing his way through the Oscars’ opening number Sunday night.

Overall, I felt there was something lacking from this year’s Oscar telecast. I did feel there was some improvisational humor missing that you get when a comedian hosts the show.

Did anyone expect Slumdog Millionaire¬† to win that many Oscars? I didn’t expect them to take home 8.

What did you think about the show?

Slumdog Milllionaire Is Worthy

Slumdog Millionaire obviously won the hearts of more than just me apparently.

It took the big finale award at the 2009 Oscars and earned a total of 8 golden statues.

Congrats to a tale that took us from childhood in Mumbai to an adulthood that brought out the dark side in many characters.

And what a finale dance over the final credits.

Harvey Milk – Sean Penn – Oscar Winner

Sean Penn won the Oscar for best actor for his effort  in the movie Milk, representing the life story of Harvey Milk.

Sean Penn is an outspoken hero for those who are not often heard in the search for civil rights equality for all.


Kate Winslett Wins For Best Actress

After a wonderful presentation from everyone from Sophia Loren and Nicole Kidman,

it was great to hear Kate Winslet’s acceptance speech (including the whistle from her father) for the best actress award.


Tigger = Danny Boyle

So Danny Boyle won the 2009  Oscar for best director. He promised his kids a few years ago that he would jump like Tigger if he ever won the award. And he did. Promise fulfllled. Great movie.

All The Dead – Oscars 2009

When they reviewed all the Hollywood icons who passed in the past year, they saved Paul Newman for last (or first).

Newman was worthy of the greatest round of applause.

No question


Jerry Lewis Honored At Oscars

Jerry Lewis is being honored for his works as a humanitarian as much as an actor or comedian during the 2009 Oscars.

He held his usually gregarious self in check.

To me that says a lot about his current physical state.

I linked to him and his former partner Dean Martin during a recent Feel Good Friday.

May the man who has raised so much money (billions) for others in need enjoy the recognition.