Monthly Archives: June 2006

creepy flock of starling

I think I’ve found the inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock’s flick “The Birds”. Surfing the web I came across this short video of a flock of starlings determined to land in one evergreen, whether the tree is capable of holding their fluttering mass. Curious and a bit creepy.

alien invasion

We’ve had plenty of chitchat about the alien invasion at our nation’s borders, but another alien invasion has been neglected.
A scientist in India claims to have alien lifeforms.

Let me make this clear. He says he has living organisms that are not of this planet.

Even creepier, the aliens arrived in a blood red rain.

The small cells apparently have no DNA, yet have been replicating.

As a precaution, the Squirrel Queen has been keeping an umbrella and galoshes handy in case a cold, red rain falls on West Tennessee.