Ridiculous Prom Gowns

Ahhhh, spring is in the air (finally).

With that breath of fresh air comes prom season for those just waiting to make that once-in-a-lifetime purchase of the ultimate gown and tuxedo combination.

Ohhh, the folly of youth.

Over at nextround.net, the images of prom finery gone awry are giggle inducing.

Everything from camo (below) to Winnie the Pooh can be spotted in this prom walk.

And if you thought I was going to share a photo of me from prom past, think again.


15 responses to “Ridiculous Prom Gowns

  1. crikey! i think i’m related to these two… we had a ‘mossy oak’ wedding in the clan… ugh…

  2. I can’t believe we never had one in my family. Oh wait, they just shack up with each other usually.

  3. Winnie the Pooh cracks me up

  4. Nurse Myra, I just didn’t get that one at all. I thought it was high school prom not nursery school. At least when they picked a theme, they took it all the way.

  5. OO I have always dreamed of having my very own camo wedding and now the day has finally come!!!

  6. Hunter Chick, dreams do come true.

  7. I didnt think anybody was goin to come to my wedding wearing camo…. Well they all did ….which i dont understand cuz they all said it was a stupid idea..ha…thanks for all the great dresses

  8. Hunter Chick, everyone loves a theme party these days.

  9. yea im hunter chicks cousin and if it makes u feel anybetter i was so ready to wear camo to ur wedding I LOVED IT!!!!

  10. Camo, you should thank Hunter Chick for giving you another excuse to wear some Mossy Oak.

  11. o i did dont worry 🙂

  12. We went to colorado to go hunting for our hunny moon… i had a blast wearin my dress to go hunting. it was the only thing i could wear…
    ( left my huntin stuff at home) lol 🙂

  13. I wonder where he got that tux….thats pretty bad ass!!!

  14. Russell, my guess is it’s custom made since it matches the dress so well.

  15. hunnting prinsses

    were did you get that dress?

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