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Mother Nature pays a visit to Squirrel Queen

When your small swimming pool becomes a haven for tadpoles, you know things have gotten just a bit out of hand. That was the case with my nieces’ pool. A lovely shade of green with black future frogs flitting around in what I’m now referring to as Walden’s pond.
I snapped a couple of pics of the little swimmers lurking under a huge tree limb, a.k.a. log, that’s floating in there this afternoon, but the lighting didn’t help me out much.
The evening cacophony coming from the newest pond in town is amazing. Croaks and chirps abound. Last night I grabbed a flashlight when I took the dogs out for an evening sabbatical and spotted several froggies a courtin’ on the inflatable ring at the top of the pool.

Then tonight, Newscoma‘s arachnaphobia kicked in as she nearly walked into a good-sized spider spinning its web for the evening just before sundown. It was then I figured I’d continue my nature-themed photo run with some shots of said spider prepping for an evening’s meal of moths and insects.
Later I was taking my niece out to look for early frogs in the “pond” when we came across the monster beetle squiring its way across the deck. That thing is gi-normous. I recscued it out of a bucket of water a couple of weeks ago. If not that one, then its first cousin. The thing is at least a couple of inches long.
Next freak I spotted was the slug. For some reason these things fascinate me. At another place I lived, we had some whoppers in the backyard. Python sized, I’m telling you. This one was just a wee little slimy thing despite its enourmous appearance in the pic.
Finally I got a gander of another web and its host.
I was like Marlin Perkins out there with my own little Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom episode tonight.
For those of you who remember the show, here’s a little Wild Kingdom flashback for you. If you’re too young to remember it, go see why TV junkies recall Marlin and Jim so fondly.
Here are the best of the nature pics I took tonight posted on my Flickr site.

Swami Serena says …

Leo – On Saturday, the answer is spelled out for you in your AlphaBits. Look to the cereal. For luck Monday, avoid left-handed people. Wednesday will take a turn for the better if you keep a mitten tucked in the toe of your shoe.

Virgo - The stars shine down upon a new venture involving Styrofoam on
Saturday. Monday means more hard labor. Don¹t forget to bring your
pickax with you. A neighbor is in need on Wednesday. Cross the line and offer
a helping hand.
Libra - The scales tip in your favor on Sunday. Enjoy being on the high
side while it lasts. For luck on Monday, take a new path on a familiar trip.
Wednesday a phone call creates questions.
Scorpio - An angry fast food worker must be avoided
on Sunday. Tuesday¹s main topic will be television. Wear your bunny ears
or you¹ll be in Jeapordy.On Thursday, a whiff of corruption surrounds a coworker¹s
conversation. The nose knows.
Sagittarius - Feel free to express yourself on Saturday. The right people
will be listening. Monday, your lucky number is equal to 58 times the number
of people who say to you, ³Have a nice day.² Wednesday a loved one
explodes. Be ready to help clean up the fallout.
Capricorn - The Goat will be in serious need of a hug on Satursday. A
phone call between 12:19 p.m. and 1:13 p.m. brings good news on Monday. It¹s
not a milk mustache, but the solution you¹ve been looking for is right under
your nose on Tuesday.
Aquarius - Spread your wings on Saturday. Take flight and soar. You¹ll
find a gold star by your name on Monday. Good job. Wednesday, a household
issue erupts. Be ready to wield your plunger like a jousting knight uses his
Pisces - Spend time in the great outdoors Sunday. Get back down to
earth. Monday will sail by thanks to help from coworkers. Give them a pat on
the back. Wednesday, an encounter with an angry Yeti could lead to
injuries. Keep the Bactine handy.
Aries - Don¹t fake it on Saturday. Let your true emotions be known.
Sunday a romantic notion should be encouraged. Fling aside prejudice on Wednesday.
Get to know that person and you¹ll learn more about yourself.
Taurus - Your lucky number on Saturday is equal to the number of magnetic
ribbons you spy divided by 4,370. Sunday, you hear the siren song of
the cool waters. Heed the call. Don¹t be blinded by the bling on Tuesday.
Look beneath the shiny surface.
Gemini - Saturday avoid a cat fight. Catnip can soothe the beasts.
Monday, build a moat around your desk area and defend your station from angry
invading mobs. Wednesday, the planets align to help you set sail on an
internal journey. Rediscover you.
Cancer - For luck on Sunday, answer your phone on the eighth ring.
Monday will be safe for neither man nor beast. Wednesday, in a hectic day,
take a moment for yourself.

An arm and a leg

Finally, a gas station with a sense of humor in Rochester, New York. They actually put on their sign, instead of numerical prices, ARM and LEG.
Honesty in advertising is so rare.

Inappropriate/Appropriate Bush/Merkel

Inappropriate vs. Appropriate.
After munching and mumbling on muffins slack-jawed while dropping “meadow muffins” into his candid conversations, the “Great W” has now made another faux pas.
Bush’s “European Vacation” continues to provide Letterman, The Daily Show and Colbert enough fodder for a year of late night laughs.
In a G-8 meeting, he gave German Chancellor Angela Merkel an uninvited neck rub.
What a total disrespect for her. Yes, they may be friends (they did share a roast pig lately), but in a room full of powerful men, did his act undermine her authority in the eyes of others on hand?
For me there is a great issue here. Would he give a neck rub to buddy Tony Blair or Putin or any other world leader in a crowded room. Doubtful. To me this shows his disregard for public decorum. It was a mysoginist act. At least he didn’t ask her to bring her muffin recipe to the next meeting. Wait, let me rephrase that, “hopefully” he didn’t ask for her muffin recipe.
As a woman who works in a male-dominated field, I certainly see how W’s actions could have future ramifications. In front of leaders of nation’s where women are already subjugated and dismissed, such an act could rip apart what credibility Merkel has worked hard to build.
It is acts such as these that make me wonder anew at his social ineptitude.

Pug Bowling is much funnier than Squirrel Bowling

While surfing about a million “Big Lebowski” links thanks to Kat Coble’s post yesterday I eventually worked my way to this little ditty.
There’s nothing like a little flamenco version of “Hotel California” combined with pugs and bowling to get you revved up for another day.

Squirrel Dancing Queen

I seem to be in a dancing mood as a certain theme has run through my last few posts (thanks Abe).
I neglected to add “Where the Hell is Matt” in my earlier post so I thought I’d post again and add some other heel,toe,shuffle moves to this post. After watching his video a couple of times, I’ve decided he’s modeled his moves, not on Fred Astaire, but Uncle Jed from the Beverly Hillbillies.
Apparently, Matt has inspired many to create their own videos you can find at youtube.
There are nearly 100 videos inspired by his around the global shuffle.
Here’s just one set here in our beloved Volunteer State. I don’t know the stars, but my hat’s off to them. Enjoy and take some time to dance today.

Freakin Lincoln

Oh, we’ve all seen those dancin’ Ws and funky Gores, but how about an honest Abe getting his freak on!
Now that’s good Presidentiary action, if you ask the Squirrel Queen.
Dick Clark, who as I understand it was a schoolboy chum of Lincoln’s back in Illinois in the day, would be so proud. This is worthy of the original American Bandstand.