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Nature’s Song – Birds On The Wires

Inspiration is everywhere. Sometimes all you have to do is look outside your window.

Photographer Paulo Pinto snapped a pic of birds on a wire. The photo ran in a newspaper. Seeing the stark contrast of the black birds against the sky, composer Jarbas Agnelli envisioned the birds as musical notes and his curiosity made him play the tune. Here’s what he saw and heard.

The Daily Mail from the UK has more info on Agnelli.

Jack Black’s Jig on Yo Gabba Gabba!

I understand the big, new kiddy television trend is Yo Gabba Gabba! on Nick Jr.

Bright colors, weird costumes, music – why wouldn’t a toddler go nuts for this stuff?

What I like is the fact that some of Hollywood’s quirkiest are stopping in for guest appearances. (Amy Sedaris as the Tooth Fairy, The Office’s Angela Kinsey, Biz Markey, The Shins, Elijah Woods, etc.).

Here’s my favorite visitor to the set of Yo Gabba Gabba! – Jack Black. What’s not to love when a gamboling, jigging, giant Orange Dreamsicle of a man frolics in an uninhibited manner about the stage?

Hat tip to The Bloggess for the video.

Now, let me say, not having a rugrat youngster in the house, I haven’t tuned into the show. Matter of fact, I was pretty much unaware of it until I ran across the Jack Black appearance.

Then I was struck by a visual image I couldn’t ignore. On that side note, is it just my perverted brain that thinks the character Muno looks like something purchased in an adult bookstore?

Think about it – one “eye”, red, covered in pleasure-inducing nubs.

I’m not the only one apparently.

The San Fransisco Examiner’s baby blog The Poop pointed out the sex toy relation.

As did Glamour Magazine’s Daily Single Mom blog Storked.

Scar Wars – a Scarface, Star Wars Mash-up

I ran across this mash-up of Han Solo from Star Wars and Tony Montana from Scarface over at the Entertainment Weekly site.

It’s funny stuff, although there is some adult language involved. Hey, it’s Tony freakin’ Montana people. Of course, there are some F-bombs involved.


EW also has a Star Trek/A-Team mash-up, if you’re so inclined.

Keep On

I was reading Daisy Fae’s post about regaining her mojo and getting in motion and for some odd reason this song came to mind.

Yes, I’m a child of 70s sitcoms.

Feel Good Friday – That Old Black (Friday) Magic

On this day after Thanksgiving, aka Black Friday, how about some Louis Prima and Keely Smith

doing That Old Black Magic for our Feel Good Friday offering.

For all you brave shoppers out there today, may the Black Friday Magic smile upon you. May everything you seek still be in stock and your bank account be full too.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all who stop by here today.

Flash Mob – North Dakota Square Dance Style

Well, I guess I can officially type that I’ve seen it all now.

A geriatric North Dakota square dance group is using flash mob moves that they saw on Oprah (Thanks O!).

I’m not sure I’ll ever hear this Black Eyed Peas tune again without thinking of this AARP rug-cutting crew.

Personally the dancer in the red skirt is captivating for some reason, but once the gang on the outside of the circle gets in motion, that’s where I tended to focus my attention.