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Just Another Day at the Office

Ran across this video of folks having a web cam lip synch sing-a-long.

I’m guessing my Monday at the office won’t be nearly this fun tomorrow.

More Cool Jack-o-lanterns

In case you hadn’t noticed from some of my recent posts, the falling leaves have put me in a Halloween sort of mood. Here’s another one for you.

The Pumpkin Gutter is one fun artist.

His creations cover everything from movie characters

Lebowskisuch as The Dude


Terminatorthe Terminator

to just creepy stuff like

an eyeball

Pumpkin eyeballHere it is lit up.

Pumpkin eyeball litHe even creates your not-so-basic creepy faces.

Old YellerThere are tons more cool jackolanterns of animals, historical and political figures and just the unusual weirdness in the galleries on his site.

For more creepy pumpkin links, here’s a pumpkin carving post from last year.

Slavic Soul Party

I caught a piece about this band on NPR and I’m loving it.

If you too enjoy brass, then this melange of music from around the globe is for you.

Slavic Soul Party call themselves “New York’s #1 Brass Band for BalkanSoulGypsyFunk.”

Fun stuff.

For some reason, from this music I’m getting an urge to be a gypsy and hit the road to a spot where I can hear this sort of music wafting out of bars as I meander up and down the streets.

Balloon Man Robyn Hitchcock

What with all the talk about little balloon boy Falcon Heene’s “flight” and the UFO shaped balloon he supposedly took a ride in, all I could think about was a Robyn Hitchcock tune – Balloon Man.

I’m not sure if it can be considered a Feel Good Friday tune. I’ll let you discern that.

Halloween Costume Fail

Not everyone can come up with a cool costume idea and then execute it to perfection like these sushi costumes.

Often, the idea is interesting, but the final result falls short of expectations.

Two buddies or a couple opt to do a tandem costume, say Bert & Ernie.

In theory, great idea.

These creepy make-up mock-ups are more a scary pairing of Nightmare on Elm Street and Sesame Street.

Also, creepy in this pic – the pink frilly bear behind them. What?

How about we double the fun and expand things to four with The Simpsons.

Lisa’s eyes are wigging me out, but I do appreciate the fact that Homer has the appropriate liquid accessory.

And even more strange is the fact that in the background you can spot a Christmas tree. Which holiday are they celebrating?

Check out a costume based on everyone’s favorite buzzing childhood game – Operation.

Look closely and you can spot the familiar red nose. Hey, there’s the broken heart and Adam’s apple hot glued to his T-shirt, however, I don’t believe my original game included that piece attached to his left thigh.

Alrighty, let’s get our geek on now.

Gather up your friends, some garbage bags, pieces of cardboard and put on your own version of Star Wars.

You read that piece of paper in the pic correctly. That’s a blue garbage can standing in for R2D2.

Break out the silverware – we’re going to go all Wolverine on you now.

That’s right. Just don’t shave for a day, use saran wrap or packing tape to bind some butter knives and a few forks to your hands and get your X on.

The next duo’s costumes are actually well done, but they just don’t realize that in six or seven years, their good and evil paradox will likely play out all over again when they’re at the mercy of the double whammy of puberty and peer pressure.

And in 2009, the year of the celebrity death, how about an officially licensed Michael Jackson costume.

For more Halloween fails and some comic-con fails, visit and

National Equality March

I wish I could be in Washington D.C. today.

Halloween Sluts

I ran across this new Halloween-themed song by Jill Sobule.

Laughter ensued.

I think the title of her ditty says it all – “Women Whose Halloween Costume Is Just That They’re Slutty.

Here’s a snippet.

It’s women whose Halloween costume is just that they’re slutty
That’s not a costume at all. What happened to Witches and monsters?
They left the Halloween Ball

You can go over to Huffington Post and just read the rest of the lyrics, but I recommend you listen to Sobule’s Halloween song to get the full effect.

The lack of imagination in recent costume seasons is underwhelming. Sobule speaks out about slutty holiday garb, and this is coming from someone who “Kissed a Girl.”

If you don’t mind undead hot chicks, I can show you a zombie calendar girl.

If you want to see some really creative costumes, check out this post of sushi Halloween costumes from last year.

Jack-o-lanterns For Geeks

Get your geek on with these amazing jack-o-lanterns.

From Star Trek to Star Wars and everything in between.

There are comic book heroes, an original computer nerd, video game stars, apps and robots.

Something for anyone who is willing “to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

Go over to JustUsLeeg and check out all the rest of the geek jack-o-lanterns.

And once you’ve soaked up the geeky glory, go get yourself a pumpin and get to carving.

Rotten Meat Ruins Town

What smells worse than skunk roadkill?

How about 44 tons of rotting meat.

A town in South Dakota had a funk of a smell hovering over it when a meat plant owner abandoned his plant and left 44 tons of bison meat inside it. You read that correctly – TONS.

When the power was turned off due to non payment for electricity, the bison became a beast of an odor as it rotted.

The city eventually took it upon itself to remove the foul meat. Even the fire department was called in to help with the clean up.

Yahoo has the rest of the story of the putrid meat and its stinky fog.

Tyra Meets Divine and Edith Massey

What happens when two of my favorite guilty pleasures (John Waters movies and America’s Next Top Model) are thrown together?

This amazing thing of “beauty”.