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Precision Italian Motorcycle Drills

I got an e-mail from my aunt that included a video clip of a 1950s Italian police motorcycle unit’s precision drills.

Intricate patterns, black and white footage, motorcycles.

Sure, they may not be hauling rattlesnakes, but what’s not to love?

They aren’t scooters, but even Jeffraham can appreciate their intricate two-wheeled dance.

From Dark Horse to Strange Bedfellows – Political Slang

As we sit in between conventions (Palin?, really, what was McCain thinking?!), I got an e-mail from my aunt that had a link to a site which highlighted the origins of some phrases thrown around frequently during voting seasons.

Sure, it’s obvious that “dark horse” in reference to a candidate was originally a phrase used in horse racing, but a few of the others aren’t as blatantly apparent.

Go here to learn more about some other political phrases.


I’ve gathered the family (both human and canine) around ye olden television to watch squirrel football today. It’s the first full Saturday of college football.

I’ve already spent the past month traipsing around my county covering the local teams in preseason and through the first two weeks of the actual high school season. I’ve seen some pretty poor efforts from the locals so far. I’m not expecting any November trips to Murfreesboro, that’s for sure.

I didn’t get to watch all of the Olympics that I would have liked to do, but saw enough to know I missed even more. That gives me two years to get ready for the next Winter Olympics. One thing I did learn from Beijing is that field hockey players need longer sticks. I have joined a water polo fantasy league though as a result of my viewing.

I know the NFL and Brett Favre have been in the news for about 15 years with their never-ending preseason drama, but until they start playing for real and the NFL starters play more than four downs, I don’t care what they do. Call me when they kick off Week 1 not Pre-Week 4 (seemingly nearly half the guys in uniform on the sidelines in Green Bay on Thursday night will be cut before next Sunday).

Give me the first Saturday of college football. Game after game after irrelevant game. It’s Week 1 after all, so there are lots of big names vs. tiny A&M ala the Georgia vs. Georgia Southern game or the Ohio State vs. Youngstown State contest.

No matter, it’s still it’s a good excuse to sit on the couch, drink beer, eat lots of crap, yell at the television and drink beer.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still excited about baseball. Love the Rays’ story this season. Love the Yankees’ swoon this year. Rooting for the Brewers to make a big splash as the NL Wild Card. Rooting against the Cubs. Bemoaning the Cardinals’ bullpen woes. Ahh, baseball.

Today is all about football though. Chest thumping, mascot mugging, quarterback crushing, tipped pass catching with one hand football.

Hut one, hut two, hike!

Feel Good Friday – Boom Boom Boom

Boom Cubed

Here’s one you’ll hum all day long – haw haw haw haw – Whoa baby.

Some John Lee Hooker for Feel Good Friday.

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Feel Good Friday – Michael Phelps edition

It’s Feel Good Friday again already and in honor of Michael Phelps’ run for the gold in the Olympic swimming pool in China, I’ve picked Cool Clear Water.

Yes, I know it’s not about swimming, but I’ve always loved this song, especially the Fleetwood Mac version, which I couldn’t find today.

So here’s Jack Scott.

Feel Good Friday > Ready, Set, OK GO

It’s Friday again and I’m running around like crazy today.

And for the next 10 days or so for that matter.

So, on that note, it’s Ready, Set, OK GO.


I love the synchronized treadmill hopping.

I love this video. Simple and spectacular.

I still haven’t heard how many takes they had to do to nail this one, but I’d like to know.

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Simpsons iPod

I want one NOW!!!!

Please !!!!!

Pretty Please !!!!

They have all varieties from shuffles to touches with three different Simpsons logos etched on.

They’re a bit pricier, but not a ton more than the regular cost and you get your name etched on it.

Cool beans, if you ask me.

Here‘s where you can order one for me.

Go ahead.

I promise I’ll say “Thank you very much.”


While on my morning scroll, I ran across a site that made me think of homeless bananas.

It’s made up entirely of photos of banana peels left abandoned on the streets of London. The colors on London Bananas are incredibly vibrant in most pics with the peels left against curbs and signposts.

However, I couldn’t help but be reminded that the neglected fruit peels look like homeless people in their usual sidewalk environment.

Then I started thinking about other bananas.

There’s the unusual headwear sported by a dancing Carmen Miranda.

From the movie The Gang’s All Here, Carmen croons “The Lady in the Tutti-Frutti Hat” and Busby Berkley has his cast of chorines flinging around giant “bananas.”

Of course we can’t forget “Yes, We Have No Bananas.” It’s a Louis Prima version a novelty song by Frank Silver and Irving Cohn that was a major hit in 1923.

Of course, there’s the iconic Chiquita Banana. Apparently, this original version was put together by the Disney studios in the 1940s and was shown only in theaters, but made a very lasting impression.

While we’re on the subject of food, how about some peanut butter jelly.

To remove that earworm from taking up permanent residence in your brainpan, I present Stephen Colbert’s fruitful dining whilst speaking about Prince Charles on a classic bit from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

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OK Popup Video by Shitdisco

Here’s a cool video for the band Shitdisco directed by Price James.

Fun to the very end and the song is not too shabby either.


Yes, better than OK!

Wang Dang Doodle – Weird Chinese Dining Delicacies

Everyone has Beijing Fever this week it seems.

No, it’s not some new version of the Avian Flu, it’s the media frenzy leading up to the 2008 Summer Olympics hosted by Beijing.

Along with all the stories about smog and Internet access in the host city, I ran across a story about unusual Chinese dining delicacies.

Garry Linnell, a reporter for the Daily Telegraph in Australia, spent an evening in a Beijing restaurant sampling four varieties of animal peni. Yep. You read that correctly; he ate multiple varieties of penis and went about describing his culinary adventure as fatty, chewy and bland.

Donkey, deer, sheep and oxen all gave up their lives and their male members to Linnell’s meal.

For his blog review of his meal and a link to the video of his repulsive repast, go here.

Into this boiling stock go the penises. A few minutes later the first is hanging from my quivering chopsticks. Ox penis, says the waitress, is full of protein, good for the skin and aids longevity. And the deeper its colour, the more effective its properties.

I think you’ll be glad I had trouble getting their video to embed.

It’s fun and gross to laugh at this menu option until we remember our American culture also has a history of nibbling on the naughty bits.

To help erase this from your brainpan and to feel a bit better about Beijing, go look at all the lovely topiaries they’ve planted and sculpted to beautify the city for the Olympic games.