Monthly Archives: October 2006

squirrel mullet mania

Move over GI Joe.
Jerwayne Jr. is moving his monster truck and bass boat into your neighborhood. has created a companion for its Trash Talkin’ Turleen Doll, the famous pregnant white trash doll that says such catchy phrases as “Pour me a double, I’m drinking fer two.”
Ah, these Barbie ripoffs sporting mullets have allowed me to find a whole new world that appreciates and/or mocks the SFLB hairstyle. Not familiar with the acronym SFLB? Why, it stands for the obvious “Short in the Front, Long in the Back.”
There are even international sites devoted to the infamous “Kentucky Waterfall” hair-don’t.
If you think only hockey players in the NHL (Go Preds!) and Andre Agassi circa 1986 are the only jocks to rock the mullet, au contraire my friend. Long distance runners also love the long flowing locks (at least in the back). I’m digging their slogan, “It’s a short sprint up top, but a long run coming down.”
If you’re now inspired to have a new look. Send your stylist to this site before you go under the scissors for your makeover.
Mmm, hhhmm, mullets!!