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Font Conference Video

Anyone who works in graphics and design develops an eye for what jumps off the page and a disdain for what is mundane.

Every flyer, sign or ad is a chance to grab someone’s attention.

The resulting layout is often an epic FAIL due to the inclusion of stale, over-used fonts.

For all those graphics folks out there who can’t turn anywhere without running into Times New Roman and the rest of the typeface gang, here’s the Font Conference Video from the College Humor Web site.

And don’t forget that Futura Bold tried to warn you.

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Zombies Ahead

Is it synergy or synchronicity? (not The Police version)

I’m watching The Return of the Living Dead on IFC and simultaneously while surfing the Web I ran across this roadside zombie warning at Tech-Ex.

It certainly doesn’t suprise me that they were in Austin, Texas.

Suddenly I’m craving a late-night snack.

Perhaps brains will sate my hunger.

Feel Good Friday – Fever

I’ve been puny this week with some sort of crud so for Feel Good Friday I present a bit of Peggy Lee.

I think her high temps arose from a different source than the one I’ve had, but be it Fahrenheit or Centigrade what a lovely way to burn.

It’s a snap-a-rific version of Fever.

I Want A Disco Keyboard

Trendhunter found me a disco keyboard.

You can set it up to flash multiple colors or so that each key stroke lights individually.

It would likely get very annoying after one set of “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

It’s from Luxeed, a Korean company.

The Squirrel Queen Of Soul’s Inauguration Hat

In case you didn’t notice on Tuesday, somebody wore a fancy hat to sing at the Obama inauguration on Tuesday.

Since then, it seems everyone wants to copy the Queen of Soul’s look.

There’s a whole Flickr group called Aretha Franklin’s Hat set up so folks can show off their big chapeaus.

However, with all these big bows attached cockeyed on the side of heads, did anyone else think of this?

Saying So Long To Bush

I know it’s a couple of days after the fact of Obama replacing Bush, but I just came across these ads that ran.

One is for a hair removal product and the other promotes an external power source.

Bush Philips link

Bush Veet ad on Give Up the Internet

Elephant and Dog Create Friendship Bond

Just because I entitled¬† this post “Elephant and Dog Create Friendship Bond” during my pseudo-presidential week, don’t fall into the trap of believing that this post is about Republican elephants and Blue dog Democrats crossing the aisle and singing Kumbaya.

Instead its about an actual pachyderm/canine friendship at The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee.

Previously here at the Palace, we’ve linked to a 24-hour penguin camera at the Tennessee Aquarium

On The Elephant Sanctuary‘s Web site, they have an elephant camera that provides live footage of a field where the elephants roam.

Feel Good Friday – Presidents of the USA

Keeping with our unofficial presidential theme this week (YAY!), I present my Feel Good Friday contribution – The Presidents of the USA performing “Lump”.

William McKinley’s Eyebrows

I was perusing the new White House web site and opted to take a gander at all 44 of our presidents in close-up form.

Amongst all the mutton chops, mustaches and beards, the facial hair that really drew my attention belonged to our 25th president.

What is up with William McKinley’s eyebrows?

Presidential Inaugural Address Word Clouds

While we’re all still buzzing from the transition of power in Washington yesterday, I ran across this on ReadWriteWeb.

In addition to the word cloud of Obama’s 2009 inaugural address above, they’ve also got presidential inaugural address word clouds from George W. Bush’s second address, Bill Clinton’s second address, Ronald Reagan’s first speech as president and both of Abraham Lincoln’s addresses.

It’s all very interesting stuff to see what words and themes were hammered into the nation’s psyche.

I really didn’t expect to see “freedom” as the most frequent word in the Bush speech.

From Clinton’s words, you can tell the nation was preparing to head into a new millennium.

With Reagan, the focus was on “government”. No surprise there.

In Lincoln’s first address, “Constitution” rose to the forefront as our nation was obviously heading toward a conflict.

Obviously, his second speech was dominated by the “War” that ripped our nation asunder.

Very interesting stuff.