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Wobbly the Dancing Squirrel

It’s Wobbly the Dancing Squirrel.

Actually, though, I believe it’s Wobbly the Squirrel with Parkinson’s Disease. Can squirrels get Parkinson’s?

This just doesn’t look normal to me.

Maybe he’s been eating fermented fruit like the drunk squirrel I posted another time.

Om Nom Nom Nom

Suddenly I’m very hungry.

(Don’t let the still image on the video fool you. It’s not overtly sexual in nature and very safe for work, etc.)

Feel Good Friday – Accordian For Trudy

It’s Friday and I’ve got a Feel Good tune for my friend Trudy.

She’s one of the most musically gifted people I know, with the ability to play about any instrument you put in front of her.

I knew she played the accordian, but was reminded of that fact again yesterday at lunch. Trudy gave me my best laugh of the day when she told us a story about having to play the squeeze box at a local Catholic church’s Cajun festival event all while 7 months pregnant. The accordian was placed on a stool in front of her during the musical exhibition. My imagination went wild and the laughter pealed out.

So, for Trudy today, I present you some rock and roll accordian – a rendition of Bill Hailey and the Comets’ “Rock Around The Clock.”

Paul Stanley Scandal

Two men named Paul Stanley.

One has recently been involved in a sex scandal.

Which do you think it was – the Rocker or the Republican?

Rock Band The Beatles Version

I have about as much musical ability as the average doorknob.

As a child, my grandmother taught me how to peck out a few beginner tunes on a piano. I’m sure I drove her nuts because once I learned them my goal became to see just how fast I could blaze through them note for note instead of actually counting the time.

With the introduction of Guitar Hero to my home, I learned that the pinky on my left hand is apparently not connected to my brain. For as soon as I advanced beyond the beginner phase of the game, I could not command my tiniest finger to strike the keys when called upon. FAIL!

I didn’t even try to jump in and play Rock Band when it arrived at my homestead at Christmas since there was no plastic recorder to butcher play. No vocal skills, no rhythm, and already a failure at guitar, I opted to not humiliate myself in front of the nieces and nephews.

Now I’ve learned via the LA Times music blog Pop & Hiss that the upcoming version of Rock Band will feature The Beatles. With several fans of their music at my address, I’m guessing I’ll be hearing the nieces’ adaptations of tunes from The White Album ASAP.

Here’s a Beatles trailer  from the Rock Band web site for the for the Sept. 9, 2009 release of the Beatles game.

And for those suddenly  jonesing for an online version of one of the games, I’ve previously written about online Guitar Hero.

Six Word Stories

Succinct, brief, illuminating.

Most of us who start clacking away on the keyboard are none of the above.

Thus the challenge of Six Word Stories.

According to their About page:

“Brevity is a virtue.

This is a collection of short short stories consisting of just six words. It was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s famous challenge.”

My first submission =

“Ran. Fell. Cried. Dried. Ran. Forward.”

It’s not necessarily the great American novel, but at least I finished this one.

Brevity … hmmm … I may have to try it more often.

The Squirrel Has Landed

I was four and a half when man took his first step on the moon 40 years ago today.

I really don’t recall anything about that day. If my mom plunked me down on the linoleum in front of our black-and-white television set to witness the event, I don’t remember it.

Since that day, I’ve seen the video of the first step replayed over and over. I’ve read and heard the phrase “One small step …” repeatedly.

It never gets old.

I do treasure the human spirit, creativity and bravery that it took to put man on the moon in a time when the best technology available was more limited than the computing power I carry in my pocket every day.

May our nation always have a will to dream and achieve equal to and beyond what it took to place three humans (Mission Commander Neil Alden Armstrong, Command Module Pilot Michael Collins, and Lunar Module Pilot Edwin Eugene ‘Buzz’ Aldrin, Jr.) on the moon in 1969.

Maybe July 20 should be a national holiday. If Columbus Day exists, shouldn’t there be a Moon Landing Day?

Here are the links to NASA’s page full of Apollo 11 40th anniversary stuff including partially restored NASA footage of the monumental moon walk moment in HD.