Monthly Archives: March 2009

Bat Rides Shuttle Into Space

Talk about a ride.

An injured bat clung to the space shuttle Discovery’s external fuel tank during its launch Sunday.

He was spotted hanging on to the tank prior to liftoff and an analysis was done to determine if he could damage the heat shields if he banged into them during the launch. The NASA folks determined it would be safe to take off with the critter still on board and did so.

The astro-bat was still visible on the shuttle when it passed the tower on the way up.

The tiny critter likely didn’t last too long after that though.

Here’s more info on the bat’s shuttle ride into space.

Five Levels of Lucky

Lucky, lucky, lucky, and I’m not talking about a three-legged, one-eyed dog.

Check out the close calls in this video. There’s no gore for the squeamish among you.

Some of the reaction times by the folks in this thing are bordering on tortoise-like.