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Snap – Project 365 2008

Well, my Project 365 for 2007 didn’t exactly add up to 365. I did take a lot of pics last year but got lax in adding them to my set and then just quit adding them at all. I’ve still got most of the ones I took, even though I didn’t fulfill the “pic a day” requirement. Maybe, when I get my new PC in, I’ll step back in time and add all those to my site.

I’m off to a good start this year though.

I haven’t posted any yet but I have been diligent in taking photos for my 2008 Project 365 grouping. I finally got a lot of this month’s stuff uploaded onto my flickr account.

Instead of subjecting you to all 31 pics from this month in this post, I thought I would just add a couple of my favorites from the first two weeks of the year. If you want to go over and see the rest I’ve uploaded so far, click the link above.

This one is my niece’s plate. They eat these french fries shaped like smiley faces, which is weird by itself, but when you add a schmear of ketchup it looks like the smiley was slaughtered. I couldn’t look away from it once I got that visual stuck in my mind.

This one was taken just a minute or two after midnight. It’s from the champagne bottle we used to celebrate the evening. It provides its own guidelines on the safe way to pop the cork for those who are complete idiots or have already opened three or four of these bottles and are so drunk they don’t remember to point the cork away from themselves during the opening process. Brilliant, and I’m sure it saves them any liability when one-eyed litigants try to sue them.

This one caught my attention for representing all the scofflaws and rebels in the world. We don’t read your stinkin’ signs. Poo on you and your rules ! I bet those pesky parkers walked on their grass too.

I’m going to try to get the rest of the pics up on the flickr site and then update the blog daily from that point on.

Wish me luck.

Tom Brady’s boots

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been in the news recently for wearing a special boot while visiting his supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bundchen in New York City in the days off before the Super Bowl.

It wasn’t the gray protective boot that wagged the tongues of sportscasters and snapped the cameras of the papparazzi, but this pair of hooker boots he was sporting during a quick jaunt to the local Starbucks to pick up a latte. Brady told an autograph hound trailing him down the sidewalk that he planned, with the blessing of head coach Bill Billichick, on sporting the red footwear during Super Bowl XLII in Arizona.

Pixel detective

Sometimes it’s just groovy cool to find out how far some people will go to be good Samaritans.

A woman found a camera in the backseat of a NY cab and her friend went to great lengths to get it back into the hands of the rightful owners. Using just the clues presented in the vacation pics on the camera, the detective work was lengthy in reuniting the owners with their lost item. Hurray for everyone involved.

Office Space

It seems Aunt B is concerned about my minions taking over the world of cubicles. Yep, one cubicle at a time. It’s already been documented in the world of Dilbert.

She found the pic above and others at Cute Overload.

Come on now. All together. Awwwwwwwwwww! Cute and smarter than the average hamster.

Also, notice in the back of the pic a tube of Calming Cream. What?!?! Where can I get some of that stuff? Does it really work? Is it better than yoga (not that I do yoga)? Is it better than two scoops of Moose Tracks ice cream?

Movie binge

I’ve got some catching up to do and today is the day. The Oscar nominations came out earlier this week, and there are several honorable flicks on the list that have yet to pass through my retina and into my brain pan for consideration.

If you’ve read this blog in the past, you know I love my Oscar night traditions (champagne, Newscoma‘s famous crab pasta dish, booing, hissing, cheering, crying, laughing). However, to make my Oscar viewing experience complete, I try to see as many of the nominees as possible. So, dear readers, today and this weekend are catch-up days. I’m going to try to cram as many of these flicks into the upcoming hours as possible. I’ll force myself to cram buckets of buttery popcorn and boxes of chocolatey Goobers and swimming-pool sized vats of soda into my system while experiencing the highs and the lows of the product pushed out by the Hollywood machine (and some outside the system).

I’m just hoping the Writers’ Strike can be resolved before the big night on Feb. 24 so I can live blog the Oscars again this year. I thoroughly enjoyed spewing my opinions as they popped (or pooped) into my brain during last year’s event.

New England Hatriots, errr, Patriots

It’s inevitable. It’s unstoppable. It’s the New England Patriots.

Right now, the undefeated season is practically a given. One more “Super” win will complete the historical campaign for Bill Belichick’s boys.

I don’t have to like it though. I don’t have to root for them.

I think the last time I rooted for the Pats, Steve Grogan had his hands under the center’s butt and their helmet had Patriot Pat on the side of it.

It seems I’m not the only one who has seen enough of Brady and the gang coming up winners. I’m sure more than a few members of the 1972 Dolphins are with me on this and will appreciate these two videos.

I know it’s history in the making and it’s magical for the Pats fans and the NFL purists, but I know the entire upcoming summer and 2008 preseason will just continue my misery as the 2007 season will be rehashed ad nauseum. Ugh!!

It could be the season that will never end.

Cloverfield fulfills

On a quick jaunt to Memphis this week to gather with some like-minded bloggers at Drinking Liberally on Thursday night, Newscoma and I got a chance to check out the first matinee of Cloverfield before heading back to Hooterville on Friday.

The commercials have been enticing me for months with their mystery monster and terror in the streets.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I liked the claustrophia of the handheld camera point of view and the fact they maintained it throughout. I heard a reviewer on NPR Friday say that he felt they should have just used it occasionally. I disagree. The whole conceit of the film necessitates that POV.

I loved that they never really reveal the source/home of the monster.

I’m glad they didn’t use big-name actors. It allowed me to just absorb their efforts without the distraction of a familiar face. The anonymity of the performers allowed you to put aside judgement of their individual performances until later outside the theater. Of course, when you are reflecting back on the flick, you do find a few plot holes, but that’s always the case with movies like this.

I loved the way they played Peekaboo with the monster initially to increase the tension, just giving viewers a flash here or there as it moved between buildings. I liked the way the movie reminded me of the hysteria and fear permeating the streets of NY after 9/11.

I’ve actually thought about going to see it a second time and I don’t ever do that. If you buy a ticket, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I think you will.