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One year in 40 seconds

We’ve covered super slow motion videos here before, but now I present to you a very tranquil time lapse video of a small thicket of trees shot during 2008. The audio track was also recorded during that span from the same spot.

It’s One Year in 40 Seconds by Eirik Solheim. Here are his details on how this was shot.

I think my love of time lapse photography goes back to the old Wonderful World of Disney TV show on Sunday nights (I think that’s when it aired). It would show those time lapse films like the one of seasons in the desert with the cacti blooming after the rare rainfall and mini flash flood surged over the landscape, etc.

Simpler times those were.

Goldfish Survives 13 Hours Out Of Water

Talk about a will to live.

A goldfish managed to survive outside its bowl for at least 13 hours.

During the night, the swimmer named Ginger leapt out of its home and landed on the floor behind the cupboard upon which its tank was placed.

The following morning, the owner noticed the goldfish missing, but couldn’t find it. Having to leave for work, her search for the thought-to-be-dead fish was called off.

After returning home after a day’s labor, the owner moved the cupboard and found Ginger on the floor.

Upon being scooped up, the goldfish began to show signs of life by moving its mouth. Ginger was returned to its bowl where it began to swim.

And we all thought that Nemo had great adventures.

For the full story and more goldfish trivia, visit the Telegraph.

Top National Geographic Photos of 2008

It’s the end of the year so everyone is compiling their Best of 2008 lists.

National Geographic has posted their 10 most viewed photos of the year.

I certainly can’t argue with the top two.

Everything from tribal natives to squid to weather phenomenon to life and death battles. It’s National Geographic at its finest.

For those who are more aurally fixated than visually, listen to the Top 25 Pop Tunes of 2008 mashed together in one video.

Top Tunes of 2008

DJ Earworm has stitched together the top 25 tunes of 2008 according to the Billboard pop charts into one seamless video.

DJ Earworm’s Web site has lots of other mashups of tunes he’s put together.

One of my favorite involves Marvine Gaye and Stylophonic – Got to Give Up the Dance Floor – but they are all well edited and cause my head to bob.

None of them are as bizarre as Gwen Stefani colliding with the Soggy Bottom Boys.

Feel Good Friday – Candy Man

I have to give the marketing guys at Nike credit for putting great music beds under their television commercials.

Back in the summer, they used “List of Demands” by Saul Williams for an ad featuring Ladanian Tomlinson. I couldn’t hear it enough.

Now they’re running a pretty stylish black-and-white ad featuring LeBron James. I like the music bed for that one too.

It’s Candy Man by Cornershop – the group that had the poppy “Brimful of Asha” tune a few years ago.

Here’s the full Candy Man tune.

And if you’re suddenly thinking of the original “Candy Man”¬† here’s Sammy Davis, Jr. baby below for you.

As for the other versions of Candy Man, we’ll get to Christina Aguilera and the chocolatier from the original “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” on another day.

Back Door Santa

Previously I posted what undoubtedly is the blandest, whitest version of “Funky, Funky Christmas” ever recorded with the offending artists being the New Kids On The Block.

Now I present to you some real personality on stage.

It’s Clive from the PS22 Chorus doing an awesome version of “Back Door Santa.”

I’m loving the cape and little white soul patch.

The PS22 blog has plenty more holiday tunes to get you in the spirit.

The PS22 Chorus is not a middle, intermediate, or high school group. It is comprised of about 70 public elementary school fifth graders from New York City.

Check out these truly talented new kids on the block.

Funky White Christmas

You’ll understand why I used photo of a white squirrel to send you Christmas wishes after you watch the video below.

It’s vintage New Kids on the Block appearing on the Arsenio Hall Show.

They’re performing “Funky, Funky Christmas”.

The dance moves, the faux rap, the bare chests, sideways baseball caps – these white boys think they have funky down to a science.

It’s about as un-funkified as one can get with Arsenio chipping in to bring the funk factor down an extra notch.

That was the ultimate White Christmas.

Somewhere, James Brown is currently rolling over in his grave.

Who Needs Pockets?

I got this in an e-mail with the subject line of “Who Needs Pockets?” and thought I would share it with all four of my readers.

There’s no holiday theme or political message, just good old ingenuity, a cute kid and frogs.

Feel Good Friday – Winter Wonderland

Last week I opted not to use a Christmas song for Feel Good Friday.

With this being the final Friday before the big event, I’ve chosen my Christmas Feel Good Friday tune – with a twist of course.

It’s the Del Rubio Triplets¬† doing their version of Winter Wonderland with a bonus dash of Pee Wee Herman and Cowboy Curtis.

An early Merry Christmas to all of you!

Where’s the Bread and Milk?!?!?

So we’ve had a little ice come down in our neck of the woods.

Of course, this means rampaging shoppers have wiped out all the bread and milk in area stores.

I wonder what the lactose intolerant shop for on these days?

Thank goodness the crazy ladies were too busy buying staples to nab all the beer.

I’m good to go.