Goldfish Survives 13 Hours Out Of Water

Talk about a will to live.

A goldfish managed to survive outside its bowl for at least 13 hours.

During the night, the swimmer named Ginger leapt out of its home and landed on the floor behind the cupboard upon which its tank was placed.

The following morning, the owner noticed the goldfish missing, but couldn’t find it. Having to leave for work, her search for the thought-to-be-dead fish was called off.

After returning home after a day’s labor, the owner moved the cupboard and found Ginger on the floor.

Upon being scooped up, the goldfish began to show signs of life by moving its mouth. Ginger was returned to its bowl where it began to swim.

And we all thought that Nemo had great adventures.

For the full story and more goldfish trivia, visit the Telegraph.


3 responses to “Goldfish Survives 13 Hours Out Of Water

  1. Awwwwww – that’s sooo sweet!

  2. Wow that is amazing actually, they are not even anabantoids such as the Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish) which could breath air.

  3. Heartbreaktown – It’s pretty incredible and sweet.
    YFTG – Thanks for stopping by the blog to read this almost unimaginable fish tale. The will to live is an amazing thing.

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