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Time Lapse Turtle and A Turtle Chasing A Tomato

I would name this turtle Zippy if it were mine.

It reminds me of this hungry hamster.

Now, a turtle chases a tomato.

It’s a lot of hard work for a red reward.


One year in 40 seconds

We’ve covered super slow motion videos here before, but now I present to you a very tranquil time lapse video of a small thicket of trees shot during 2008. The audio track was also recorded during that span from the same spot.

It’s One Year in 40 Seconds by Eirik Solheim. Here are his details on how this was shot.

I think my love of time lapse photography goes back to the old Wonderful World of Disney TV show on Sunday nights (I think that’s when it aired). It would show those time lapse films like the one of seasons in the desert with the cacti blooming after the rare rainfall and mini flash flood surged over the landscape, etc.

Simpler times those were.