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Giant Bleeding Heart Gummy Candy

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching.

I know all of you out there are wondering what to get your loved one … flowers, chocolates, a massage.

How about a bleeding candy heart?

Come on. Nothing says “love” like an ooey gooey sticky sweet treat that gushes blood with every bite. Nom nom nom.

Of course, this gift might not be the best for those “faint of heart”, but who wants to hang out with them.

via ThinkGeek

Soccer for Halloween

I had to go to Jackson to cover soccer for work last night, therefore no Halloween partying for me.

During my drive, I did take pleasure in looking for spooks and haunts out scavenging for candy. I made a mental list that included, in order of appearance, an adult scarecrow riding as a passenger, a convict and a skeleton trick or treating together, an uncreepy clown, a sexy pink bunny, a fairy and a monarch butterfly riding with a ghoul who looked a lot like a zombie Uncle Fester, and a cowboy.

However, I did not spot this awesome family of Wild Things riding the subway.

As posted on BuzzFeed.

Fourth of July Fun

I know it’s a bit early, but I celebrated Friday on Thursday, so why not jump ahead and start shooting off firecrackers for the Fourth of July.

For more fun stop motion videos by the same artist, check out the PES YouTube site.

That’s PES, not to be confused with PEZ and that stop-motion fun song.

Zombie Love

For the zombie love of your life, I present the ultimate Valentine’s gift – chocolate BRAINS.

If you aren’t in a committed relationship and you’re trying to woo a zombie, you might want to try a chocolate human heart (anatomically correct of course).

If all this romance leads to a betrothal, the happy couple may want a zombie wedding cake.

Newscoma, that’s for you.

Feel Good Friday – Candy Man

I have to give the marketing guys at Nike credit for putting great music beds under their television commercials.

Back in the summer, they used “List of Demands” by Saul Williams for an ad featuring Ladanian Tomlinson. I couldn’t hear it enough.

Now they’re running a pretty stylish black-and-white ad featuring LeBron James. I like the music bed for that one too.

It’s Candy Man by Cornershop – the group that had the poppy “Brimful of Asha” tune a few years ago.

Here’s the full Candy Man tune.

And if you’re suddenly thinking of the original “Candy Man”  here’s Sammy Davis, Jr. baby below for you.

As for the other versions of Candy Man, we’ll get to Christina Aguilera and the chocolatier from the original “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” on another day.

Flipping My Lid For The Pez Song

It’s a catchy little tune and I’m a sucker for stop motion animation and Pez so how could I not love this one.


Dark Chocolate Man Axe Ad Wigs Me Out

Here’s the story.

I watch a lot of Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network as I fall asleep at night.

I can’t get enough of the Venture Brothers, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, Sea Lab 2021, Harvey Birdman, Cowboy Bebop and Squidbillies. Morel Orel is one of those shows that makes me cringe, but I don’t turn away, but Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show I can’t tolerate.

Anyway, during the run of programming during the late hours, AXE body spray is advertised frequently.

Their ad for their Dark Temptation body spray (which must be a chocolate scent from all I can assume and gather) really wigs me out.

The women in the ad biting off chunks of the chocolate dude are just odd and his melting his own arm for a female-enticing fondue or breaking off his own nose are just creepy.

Here’s an Argentinian version of the ad that airs on Adult Swim. It’s the only 60 second version I could find on Youtube.

Let me know if this weirds you out as much as it does me.

Or maybe it’s just me.


Creepy M&M’s

They’ve started showing those freaky M&M’s character commercials again.

Those just wig me out.

Not the animated characters where the yellow and red M&M shapes talk, but the ones that have hair and glasses and actually sort of look like famous people.

Recently, they’ve been really promoting their dark chocolate M&M’s for which they use the Addams Family sitcom characters as spokespeople. Weird and freaky. Not the actual Addams Family, but the M&M’s versions.

And the commercials promoting their web site that have the “everyday folks” recreated as chocolate tidbits are even stranger. The cool hipster dude as M&M should never be seen. Why do they think this would increase my appetite for their candy?

Anyone can go to the site and create an M&M likeness.

I’ll just warn you though, if you’re looking for squirrel facial features and accessories, they are sorely lacking.

Wacky Packages Revisited

Ahhhh, Wacky Packages.

Who back in the 1970s didn’t have their Trapper Keeper covered in the silly stickers that tried to make every product on the grocery shelf into a gross-out joke.

There’s been a nostalgic resurrection of the cards that championed products like Chock Full of Nuts and Bolts coffee and Awful Bits cereal.

A coffee table book filled with reproductions of more than 200 of the surly stickers produced by Topps was released earlier this month. On the book’s front and back covers are images of the rectangular piece of pink, tasteless bubble gum included in each pack. The dustjacket of the book resembles the waxy paper wrapped around the handful of stickers.

Here are a few of my favorites. If you want to see many more of the originals, check out this site.

Obese Monkeys Put On Diets

When I first glanced at the pic above, I thought it was Jabba the Hut from the Star Wars movies about to leer at Princess Leia.


It’s an obese monkey in a park in Japan.

The zoo keepers are putting the not so cheeky but definitely jowly primates on a diet.

It seems well-meaning visitors to the park often chuck sweets and treats over the fence into the monkeys’ area. The largest of the least likely to be swinging from a tree primates is currently at more than twice the average body weight for the species (29kg instead of 11 kg).

Maybe these monkeys were the inspiration for one of my favorite flavors of Ben & Jerry’s delightful creations.