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Black and White Photography

I found a new web site to eat up chunks of my time. It’s Black and WTF.
Filled with old promotional photos, candids, postcards and pictures that have absolutely no seeming explanation at all. It’s a great site you can just pop in on and scan through a few pics or spend an hour looking at each and every mind-bending shot. Below are a few samples of what you’ll find there.

What’s more black and white than penguins? I don’t have any idea why they are chasing a young girl in the summer (according to her style of dress).

How about another set that’s always dressed in black and white? Nuns … however the fire-fighting aspect of their attire raises a few questions.

The site is also filled with pics of animals doing many a strange thing.

And strange people in strange circumstances.

If your brain gets tired of perusing the People of Walmart and trying to figure out what makes them tick, stop in at Black and WTF and realize people have always been strange.


Nano Nature

Earlier this week, I blogged about the National Geographic’s Top 10 pics of 2008.

I’ve found some more really cool images from nature.

They’re taken by a scanning electron microscope and included in a book titled “Nano Nature: Nature’s Spectacular Hidden World”  by Richard Jones.

The pic above is from the book and shows off the coiled up tongue of a hummingbird hawkmoth.

That groovy pic is a close-up of a fruit fly eye.

The Daily Mail has more of these scans.

One year in 40 seconds

We’ve covered super slow motion videos here before, but now I present to you a very tranquil time lapse video of a small thicket of trees shot during 2008. The audio track was also recorded during that span from the same spot.

It’s One Year in 40 Seconds by Eirik Solheim. Here are his details on how this was shot.

I think my love of time lapse photography goes back to the old Wonderful World of Disney TV show on Sunday nights (I think that’s when it aired). It would show those time lapse films like the one of seasons in the desert with the cacti blooming after the rare rainfall and mini flash flood surged over the landscape, etc.

Simpler times those were.

Top National Geographic Photos of 2008

It’s the end of the year so everyone is compiling their Best of 2008 lists.

National Geographic has posted their 10 most viewed photos of the year.

I certainly can’t argue with the top two.

Everything from tribal natives to squid to weather phenomenon to life and death battles. It’s National Geographic at its finest.

For those who are more aurally fixated than visually, listen to the Top 25 Pop Tunes of 2008 mashed together in one video.

Lapping It Up In Slow Motion

As a kid the image of that bullet blasting through the apple by Harold Edgerton just fascinated me for some reason.

I guess it’s because it just proved the old magician’s saying, “The hand is quicker than the eye.”

So much happens around us that our human eyes aren’t capable of seeing – the flap of a hummingbird’s wings or the rubber of a balloon coming unwrapped from around a mass of water.

Just admit, we’re all suckers for slow motion photography and the Discovery Channel is trying to capitalize on this fact with their new show Time Warp.

As the owner of a dog which freely uses her tongue for kisses and lapping up water, I found this video from the show pretty informative.

It turns out a dog forms a bowl or spoon with its tongue by curling it down and under toward the chin and lifting the water into the mouth. If the tongue curled upward it would splash the water into the nose.

For more super high speed videos, visit Vision Research. They’ve got tons of super slow motion stuff.

PopFi has links to super slowmo still photography.


Cheap Souvenirs and Vacation Photos

I think lots of people have little quirky things they do to create moments and mementos when they’re on vacation.

Check out Michael Hughes vacation snaps from around the globe. He buys the cheapest souvenir he can find that represents the local landmark, landscape or statue. Then he holds up the souvenir to match the view of the horizon.

He’s been everywhere from San Francisco to Egypt snapping his fun pics. To read about his technique, how it began, the man attached to the hand and to see lots more pics, read his story at the London Daily Mail.

His pics remind me of the photographer who recreates famous photos with Legos characters.

Sports Illustrated Snapshots

Sports Illustrated is getting everyone in the mood for the upcoming 2008-09 college sports seasons by showcasing some of their top collegiate athletics photos from the 2007-08 seasons.

Amazing stuff. The three above were my favorites.

And CeeElCee, your Stanford teams are in the mix.

To see all 37 images, click here.