Back Door Santa

Previously I posted what undoubtedly is the blandest, whitest version of “Funky, Funky Christmas” ever recorded with the offending artists being the New Kids On The Block.

Now I present to you some real personality on stage.

It’s Clive from the PS22 Chorus doing an awesome version of “Back Door Santa.”

I’m loving the cape and little white soul patch.

The PS22 blog has plenty more holiday tunes to get you in the spirit.

The PS22 Chorus is not a middle, intermediate, or high school group. It is comprised of about 70 public elementary school fifth graders from New York City.

Check out these truly talented new kids on the block.


4 responses to “Back Door Santa

  1. Yup. This one’s much better. Even though I will unabashedly admit I was NKOTB’s biggest fan and had all the dolls, buttons, shirts…the whole shebang. This one is still much much better.

  2. I’m putting this on my blog too!

  3. Hey Squirrel – Did you ever get my cyper Christmas card? I might have the wrong email address or maybe it looked like junk mail. Email me a heartbreaktown @ hotmail and I’ll resend!

  4. Amber – No I didn’t and am now anxiously awaiting its arrival.

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