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Scar Wars – a Scarface, Star Wars Mash-up

I ran across this mash-up of Han Solo from Star Wars and Tony Montana from Scarface over at the Entertainment Weekly site.

It’s funny stuff, although there is some adult language involved. Hey, it’s Tony freakin’ Montana people. Of course, there are some F-bombs involved.


EW also has a Star Trek/A-Team mash-up, if you’re so inclined.


Top Tunes of 2008

DJ Earworm has stitched together the top 25 tunes of 2008 according to the Billboard pop charts into one seamless video.

DJ Earworm’s Web site has lots of other mashups of tunes he’s put together.

One of my favorite involves Marvine Gaye and Stylophonic – Got to Give Up the Dance Floor – but they are all well edited and cause my head to bob.

None of them are as bizarre as Gwen Stefani colliding with the Soggy Bottom Boys.