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Holy Cow – Ice on Mars

For all you Buzz Lightyears out there, NASA has some big news from Mars.

The Phoenix Mars Lander transmitted a pic back to Earth showing something white beneath it. Experts believe it’s ice.

The belief is that the descent thrusters blasted away the top soil revealing the white spot that is thought to be ice. They’ve nicknamed the white spot “Holy Cow!” because those were the first words spit out when they viewed the patch of ice.

You can follow the latest updates from Mars via Twitter. To find the updates use @MarsPhoenix

“Roger. This is Squirrel Queen. Over and Out.”

Start to Finish

The progression of nature is an amazing process. From one cell on to a functioning being.

As a kid, I freaked my younger sister out by showing her a spot in an egg yolk and telling her it was a baby chicken. It took quite a while before she had anything sunny side up on her plate.

I found a couple of photo progressions that show the trip from egg to baby chick and another from egg to moth.


I bring you the starting points and the finishing points. For all the steps in between, hit the chicken link and this moth link.

Squirrel Queen Searches for Sasquatch

When I think Bushnell, I think of binoculars scanning the distance.

It seems the company has branched out beyond the distance-viewing glasses to sell trail cameras.

These cameras are normally strapped to trees and, triggered by motion detectors, used to capture big game on film. Deer are usually the focus in North America, while bigger game can be spotted on other continents. Here are some of the shots of nature captured by their cameras.

Now Bushnell is setting up a contest to reward $1 million bucks (in cash, not multi-pronged antlered deer) if one of their cameras produces a shot of Sasquatch.

Details are sketchy. It’s almost as if they don’t expect to ever have to award the prize money, but they do have the notice on their web site.

Good luck on your Bigfoot hunting expedition.

And, should you win, be sure to share some of that money with the Squirrel Queen for giving you the heads up on this contest.

Los Simpsons

It’s freaky.

It’s odd.

It’s disturbing.

It’s Spanish television.

The show is “Cruz y

The skit involves a Simpsons skit with actors painted yellow sporting buggy pingpong ball eyes.

I thought the untooning pics of Homer I linked to were weird enough, but feast your eyes on this.

H/T to Laughing Squid

Thirsty for Space Beer

I ran across some news that I can’t believe more people aren’t chatting up here on this blogiverse.

Sure, everyone is writing about the space toilet plumbing foul-up. Newscoma, CNN and everyone in between have been cracking wise with astral potty humor.

But I’ve got bigger news from beyond Earth’s gravity.

There’s now a beer that was brewed using barley that was grown from spawn of seeds that were stored in space for five months.

Come on people. Space beer.

This is huge. And it’s also as close as I’m ever going to get to living the life of The Jetsons.

Sapporo had just enough barley to brew about 100 bottles of the outer space hooch.

I doubt if I’ll ever get a frosty mug of the astro-juice, but I’ve got a bag of pretzels here at the house that I’d love to wash down with the space beer.

It’s got to be better than Tang.

Bacon x 12

I love bacon.

Crispy, greasy bacon.

I may have found the answer to my prayers.

It’s the Bacon of the Month Club.

Shipped right to my door, every 30 days or so, an “artisan” bacon. MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmm.

The salty pig flesh isn’t the only thing members receive.

Why for a mere $150 I will receive an official membership card, a monthly bacon comic strip, a pig ballpoint pen, a pig’s nose (of the costume variety, not an actual fleshy snout), a T-shirt, recipes to use my fancy bacon in and an oinker-shaped toy.

This would be money well spent, I can tell.

However, there is a lot this membership doesn’t include.

Things like Pocket Bacon, Bacon Mints and Bacon Scarves.

Alas, there’s also no mention of Kevin as part of the membership package nor is there an official invitation to Tits McGee’s bacon party.

I guess nothing is perfect.


Wacky Packages Revisited

Ahhhh, Wacky Packages.

Who back in the 1970s didn’t have their Trapper Keeper covered in the silly stickers that tried to make every product on the grocery shelf into a gross-out joke.

There’s been a nostalgic resurrection of the cards that championed products like Chock Full of Nuts and Bolts coffee and Awful Bits cereal.

A coffee table book filled with reproductions of more than 200 of the surly stickers produced by Topps was released earlier this month. On the book’s front and back covers are images of the rectangular piece of pink, tasteless bubble gum included in each pack. The dustjacket of the book resembles the waxy paper wrapped around the handful of stickers.

Here are a few of my favorites. If you want to see many more of the originals, check out this site.