Funky White Christmas

You’ll understand why I used photo of a white squirrel to send you Christmas wishes after you watch the video below.

It’s vintage New Kids on the Block appearing on the Arsenio Hall Show.

They’re performing “Funky, Funky Christmas”.

The dance moves, the faux rap, the bare chests, sideways baseball caps – these white boys think they have funky down to a science.

It’s about as un-funkified as one can get with Arsenio chipping in to bring the funk factor down an extra notch.

That was the ultimate White Christmas.

Somewhere, James Brown is currently rolling over in his grave.

10 responses to “Funky White Christmas

  1. Now I need bleach for for my eyes, ears AND brain.

    That comes close to a Geneva Convention violation.

  2. they’re so hip… and without being all scary and black and stuff!

    geez… you’d think mark wahlberg would have bought up all this stuff and destroyed it by now…

  3. LWC – I’m guessing the guys held in Guantanamo may have been subjected to this video.

    DF – The Internet won’t let this sort of thing fade away. It will come back to haunt those guys every year like the ghost of Christmas past.

  4. I’m a new kids fan and well, I agree, this is awful. Thank goodness they’ve improved since then. The tour was great this year. We were all so full of hormones and screaming we didn’t notice how goofy it was. Still, fun for a laugh.

  5. After crying in joy… I realized that I actually have that on VHS….

    Merry Ho Ho!!

  6. Myka – glad the endorphins and hormones kicked in and you enjoyed the show.
    S.Mac – Merry Ho Ho back to you. It makes me smile to know that you have this – on VHS no less.

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  8. Sneakin downstairs on Christmas Eve I saw a sight you just WOULDN’T believe! Saint Nick! By the fireplace! Dustin off his beard with a frown on his face. He said “hey” I said “what” he said “you” I said “what” he said “you left the fire burning and I burnt my butt!”

    Aren’t you proud? I haven’t even watched the video yet. I know that’s not perfect, but pretty good for remembering it from 1989 or whenever that came out.

    Now I’m going to watch it and remember getting a walkman that same Christmas and walking around listening to this tape and torturing my poor family because I didn’t realize they could hear me singing along even though I couldn’t..

  9. Danny D, are you ready? Ready as I’ll ever be. Steady–you KNOW Joey Joe’s ready! Jordan and John? Yeah! Come on! We got a funky funky Christmas going on.

    Yup. Me too.

  10. Jag – I’m sure your singing was just swell.
    Holly – I’m glad your musical tastes have grown.

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