Loyal Squirrel Defends Friend From Crows

Sometimes nature is heartbreaking.

A squirrel was run over and killed by a vehicle. Its loyal friend keeps scavenger crows from attacking its corpse. This just makes me choke up a little bit.

If the video above doesn’t work, here’s a link to its page on Youtube.

There are some links to more of the squirrel’s protective nature in this post about a mother squirrel protecting her baby from a dog.

8 responses to “Loyal Squirrel Defends Friend From Crows

  1. That was so sweet. It made me tear up a lot.

  2. awww…. that’s sad and sweet.

    just glad another car didn’t come along and take out the lot of ’em… well, maybe the crows.

  3. I truly dislike crows….they just appear evil.

  4. Homer, it struck me the same way as you.

    DaisyFae, I had the same thought about a car coming along and bringing an end to the lives of all of them.

    Debby, crows are actually pretty smart, but I wouldn’t want to hang out with them either.

  5. [the above link did not work, but if anyone wants to see the video there are other copies at youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sOw3mCz4Oc ]

    I also found this touching and sad. The $64,000 question I wish the squirrel could answer: What compels the squirrel to stay and fight?

    Of course many nonhuman animals (elephants, apes, swans, whales, dogs ..and others) are known to form strong bonds with one another and even mourn their dead, but could there be another non-emotional reason the (typically pretty self-preservational?) squirrel won’t leave the other one? …I can’t think of any.

    It’s a grim thought that the squashed squirrel could be the defender’s child. Painful as the video was to watch, and as much as I love squirrels, I can’t dislike the crows…though I rooted against the grabby bastards.

  6. Aunt Feminina, thanks for posting the link. I didn’t realize the video had borked.

    You may be on target about the parent “protecting” the child.

    As for crows, though their actions here are less than noble, their intelligence is pretty amazing. I’ve been meaning to link to some videos I found of them that document their smarts and some tricks they’ve learned.

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