Assault with a Frozen Chicken

Here at the Squirrel Queen’s palace, we celebrated Snake Week back in the spring of 2008 when a confluence of reptile stories caught my eye.

Now, it appears 2008 will be the Summer of the Bird. We’ve had chicken bombs, Smoke Monster starlings and territorial blackbirds flying to the forefront.

Now the feathered fever is involving humans.

It seems a man in Detroit attacked his neighbor with frozen chicken parts. The wallop from the 10-pound bag resulted in stitches for the woman. The clucker attack came after the same man stabbed his mother in the neck with a fork. The assaults were the results of his requests for cash being denied.

I’m guessing a man comporting himself in such a manner didn’t say “please” when he requested their money.

Arrests were made and the man is now cooped up.

5 responses to “Assault with a Frozen Chicken

  1. This world has gone mad.

  2. Hee hee hee. Wonder when he’ll be able to fly the coop.

  3. Prefaced by the words “a man in Detroit” nothing surprises me. This pushes the envelope, but only a little…

  4. That’s just clucked up….yeah, that was really bad huh? 🙂

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