Monthly Archives: November 2007

World domination soon to follow

My plan for world domination is under way. My legion has been busy recently.

If you didn’t surf over to Yahoo this morning, you might have missed the little tidbit I’ve posted above in screen cap form.

From covert operations under cover as orangutans in Florida to creating power outages in the Midwest, the bushy tailed ones are wreaking havoc.

First Florida, then the Midwest.

Soon — The WORLD!!!!

(However, I am a little disturbed about the squirrels as food in Jersey headline!?!)

Is it an orangutan? Is it a Sasquatch?

squirrel donut bigfoot orangutan

Floridians have been busy spotting large orange animals in the trees in their local neighborhood. Some saw baby Bigfoot. Others saw Clint Eastwood’s furry pal from 1978.

Area wildlife agents are now claiming the treetop critter is one of my legion.

Might be. The agent used donuts as a lure.

I know the Squirrel Queen can’t resist the allures of a little fried dough with a sweet and sticky glaze.