Where’s the Bread and Milk?!?!?

So we’ve had a little ice come down in our neck of the woods.

Of course, this means rampaging shoppers have wiped out all the bread and milk in area stores.

I wonder what the lactose intolerant shop for on these days?

Thank goodness the crazy ladies were too busy buying staples to nab all the beer.

I’m good to go.

4 responses to “Where’s the Bread and Milk?!?!?

  1. Those of us that are lactose intolerant do what everyone else should be doing: stock up on booze.

  2. my son called me at work – as the freezing rain hit at rush hour – asking me if i was planning to stop at the grocery because we’re out of food. i said “there’s eggs, cheese, beer and microwave popcorn. STFU…”

  3. C and DF: BINGO! Our cupboards are very similar.

  4. he he we make our own on the Island, beer that is.
    hey S.Q can you scoot over to mine and sign the petition against whaling seems our govt wants to start killing whales, dirty buggers.

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