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Who wants lunch from Long John’s or Captain D’s

Wedding Bells and Behemoth Burgers

We’ve covered unusual cakes for grooms previously here at the Squirrel Queen’s abode.

This post isn’t actually about a cake, but a different culinary choice by the soon-to-be husband.

A British couple in Norwich are self-proclaimed fast food fanatics. In planning their post nuptial reception, the groom opted for a giant 42-pound cheeseburger as his featured food instead of the normal Betty Crocker confection.

Ananova has the rest of the behemoth burger story including details on how many heads of lettuce and liters of condiments were piled and slathered on the enourmous beef patty.

Tina Fey Nails Sarah Palin Again on SNL

As soon as McCain brought Sarah Palin to the attention of our nation, I immediately told Newscoma, “Oh my gosh. She could be Tina Fey’s twin.”

Thank goodness the cleverly subversive and witty Fey has taken full advantage of her physical similarities to portray Palin and reveal her shortcomings as a viable representative of our country. Saturday Night Live is once again doing biting political humor that showcases realities.

Here’s the video from the Sept. 27, 2008 SNL broadcast that “replays” Palin’s interview with Katie Couric from this past week.

The scary part of Fey’s performance is that lots of the lines she uttered where direct quotes from the Palin/Couric interview. You can see the actual video in this post I put up yesterday.


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Sarah Palin’s Neighborhood Watch Version of Foreign Policy Experience

It’s becoming quite obvious why the McCain campaign has hidden vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin away in the Get Smart Cone of Silence.

It’s painful to watch her as she struggles to put together coherent answers to straightforward questions.

Here’s an excerpt from her interview with Katie Couric on CBS in which she discusses her foreign policy experience. She flounders about and sort of cites her neighbors, Russia and Canada, as enhancing her foreign policy credentials due to Putin potentially checking out US air space.

It sounds to me like she’s running one kickass Neighborhood Watch up there in Alaska.

Every time she opens her mouth in an interview, it becomes apparent that her lack of knowledge on the major topics concerning the average citizen is vast.

She rambles. She avoids answering. She stammers. She hems. She haws. She Hee Haws.

I like cantankerous Jack Cafferty’s take on another of her rambling answers that Left Wing Cracker posted over at his blog. Go check it out.

And remember she’s one heart attack or moose hunt away from being our President.

Thanks Hank for the big bailout

I want my share of the $700 billion bailout just like everybody else, but how will Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson know about the bills I need to pay off unless I send them to him.

Sounds like a plan.

Check out

Feel Good Friday – Don’t Fence Me In

It’s Friday and I’m feeling like breaking out of the barriers and busting loose.

In that vein, I present you David Byrne’s “Don’t Fence Me In” from the Red Hot + Blue tribute to Cole Porter AIDS benefit CD.

Assault With a Stinky Fart

So a man arrested for DUI had charges stacked on his crap rap sheet when he farted on the officers fingerprinting him in Kanawha County, West Virginia.

For his drunken gaseous effort, the officers added battery on a police officer and obstruction to his chargers.

I’m thinking there was definitely nothing obstructed here and that’s the whole problem.

The actual criminal complaint can be read here.

WSAZ in Charleston, WV has a funny video clip that I couldn’t get to load and some of the details.

I Can Haz Exrcyz – Treadmill Cats

Here’s a little something to get you ready for the rat race today.

Personally, I like the way the one cat just works out his front legs and keeps two feet planted firmly on the floor.

It’s sort of a Casey Kasem “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars” sort of philosophy. How can you go wrong with that?

If you want something a little more techno than this ditty to pump you up, check out the Shimmy Shake.

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Money Makes The World Go Around

The World Wildlife Fund put together this appropo little ditty.

Sure it’s not techco prairie dogs, but what with all the talk about bailouts, I thought this might fit the billions bill today.

Let’s all go out and hug a tree and avoid a crashing elephant or giraffe for that matter.

Prairie Dogs Shimmy Shake

We’ve all been swayed by the dramatic prairie dog.

Now, it’s time for a new video of our burrowing buddy.

I present you Shimmy Shake

I found this over at the Bunnytude blog.

She also has the cute original version of the laughing prairie dog and lots of pics of her lovable Moose, the majestic St. Bernard.

Now you’re thinking about the original dramatic chipmunk prairie dog. Check him out here.