Bacon x 12

I love bacon.

Crispy, greasy bacon.

I may have found the answer to my prayers.

It’s the Bacon of the Month Club.

Shipped right to my door, every 30 days or so, an “artisan” bacon. MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmm.

The salty pig flesh isn’t the only thing members receive.

Why for a mere $150 I will receive an official membership card, a monthly bacon comic strip, a pig ballpoint pen, a pig’s nose (of the costume variety, not an actual fleshy snout), a T-shirt, recipes to use my fancy bacon in and an oinker-shaped toy.

This would be money well spent, I can tell.

However, there is a lot this membership doesn’t include.

Things like Pocket Bacon, Bacon Mints and Bacon Scarves.

Alas, there’s also no mention of Kevin as part of the membership package nor is there an official invitation to Tits McGee’s bacon party.

I guess nothing is perfect.



13 responses to “Bacon x 12

  1. We missed Tits Bacon Party. Damn, we just need to go see her.

  2. Every day is a Bacon Party at my blog!

    Hooray for bacon!

  3. *sniffles* i want sum bacon!!!!

  4. bacon makes me horny…..

  5. bacon makes me horny…=)

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  8. All that stuff is sooo baconlious!!!! I need to belong to that club!!!!!!

  9. I love bacon!!! Tell us how to get them!!! Plz? And is it free??? O.O

  10. I’m dying of WANT!!!!!! x.x

  11. AHHHHH!!!!!! Does it show I have amazing patience skills?????

  12. Lollipop – Crispy, delicious. Just hit the links and enjoy!

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