Spillage T-Shirt

If you’ve ever been out with Newscoma you know something always gets spilled on the boobage.

BTW, never let her borrow your shirt.

I’m going to order 14 of these shirts for her (2 per day so she can change after she spills on the first one).

I think I’ve got a plan here.

It’s the aqua va shirt.


6 responses to “Spillage T-Shirt

  1. Bite me, small flea. How could, you diss me.

    And my fabulous boobs. Well, not so fabulous but pretty cool because they are attached to … me.

    Rhyming is overrated. šŸ™‚

  2. Okay, I’m interrupting this small fray. Gonna make me pay?
    I think I need to order at least 50 of these shirts myself.

  3. Man, where do you FIND all this stuff?!!

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