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Auld Lang Syne With A Japanese Hendrix Twist

Who needs Dan Fogelberg.

Nothing says Happy New Year to me like a Japanese Jimi Hendrix tribute band playing Auld Lang Syne.

For Feel Good Friday, straight from Osaka to Number One in your heart with a little bit of Foxy Lady thrown in for good measure.

OK, now that I’ve tormented you, here’s the original Jimi’s version.

Subway Ticket Pixel Art

Department store workers in Tokyo used subway tickets to create a huge mosaic of Astro Boy to honor the opening of a new metro line.

138,00 stubs were needed to create the 10 x 7 foot pixel artwork.

The mosaic wasn’t the first by the store employees, who donated their time. The group originally put together a reproduction of the Mona Lisa.

Pink Tentacle has more pics of the Astro Boy artwork.

I wonder if Brittney saves all her BART tickets, could she come up with something like this on a smaller scale.

Japanese Waistlines Must Shrink

I have gained way too much weight over the last five years or so.

It bugs me, but I haven’t committed wholeheartedly to change that just yet.

I really should drop at least some of that tonnage for so many reasons, but my lack of willpower troubles me. And I love food, most of the bad variety, and beer.

However, if I lived in Japan, that choice to lose those pesky pounds wouldn’t be up to me.

The Japanese government is mandating waistline restrictions on its populace.

Seriously. Government regulations on waistline sizes. Too many inches leads to trouble.

Maybe it was the obese monkeys that started this whole thing.

Obese Monkeys Put On Diets

When I first glanced at the pic above, I thought it was Jabba the Hut from the Star Wars movies about to leer at Princess Leia.


It’s an obese monkey in a park in Japan.

The zoo keepers are putting the not so cheeky but definitely jowly primates on a diet.

It seems well-meaning visitors to the park often chuck sweets and treats over the fence into the monkeys’ area. The largest of the least likely to be swinging from a tree primates is currently at more than twice the average body weight for the species (29kg instead of 11 kg).

Maybe these monkeys were the inspiration for one of my favorite flavors of Ben & Jerry’s delightful creations.

Big League Back In Action


It’s finally here. Major League Baseball has its first game of the 2008 season in the books and it was a doozy of the extra inning variety. The Red Sox won over the Oakland A’s, 6-5, in 10 innings.

Of course, I’m still not sold on having the first game of the year in the Land of the Rising Sun, but that just seems to be the way things will be regardless of my opinion.

The Red Sox and A’s didn’t show off much as far as their bullpens being a strength. Both teams’ closers gave up runs and looked shaky. I didn’t see the actual first pitch, but Dice-K struggled early before finding a groove. The A’s got an early homer to take the lead. The Sox battled back against a tiring Blanton.

Jacoby Ellsbury made an outstanding grab right in front of the fence in center field.

The A’s rallied back to take a lead before Huston Street got rocked by a Pawtucket Sox player Brandon Moss filling in for an injured JD Drew. Go figure. Drew injured. Nothing unusual there.

Street struggled in the 10th too with Manny being Manny and driving in the winning runs.

Then river-dancing Jonathan Papelbon only escaped getting tagged with the loss due to a bone-headed base-running blunder by the A’s.

Game over man, but it’s only the beginning and I can’t wait for more.

These same two teams will play again and you can watch it over your breakfast tomorrow morning.

But to me, the actual start of the season will be next Monday when the majority of the teams finally take to the diamond.