Font Conference Video

Anyone who works in graphics and design develops an eye for what jumps off the page and a disdain for what is mundane.

Every flyer, sign or ad is a chance to grab someone’s attention.

The resulting layout is often an epic FAIL due to the inclusion of stale, over-used fonts.

For all those graphics folks out there who can’t turn anywhere without running into Times New Roman and the rest of the typeface gang, here’s the Font Conference Video from the College Humor Web site.

And don’t forget that Futura Bold tried to warn you.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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6 responses to “Font Conference Video

  1. was expecting an ethel merman-esque performance from Broadway… but this was a hoot!

  2. AWESOME! Most of what I write for work has to be done in Times New Roman, which makes the materials look old-fashioned and unprofessional (to me at least). Oh how I hate you Times New Roman! (Unless you’re used on a blog, then you’re cool.)

  3. DF – You never know when Ethel may make an appearance on this blog. She could burst out in song here at any time.
    DB – Glad to see you back. I thought any one who creates would appreciate this. Are you blogging anywhere now? I miss you dog pics.

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  5. hysterical. Mailbox, Open Mailbox!

  6. CW – I told you it was funny. That was probably my favorite part too.

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