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Face Painting at its Highest Level

You can’t go to any little community street fair, church event or fund-raiser without someone slapping some paint on anyone under the age of 7 willing to slow down for at least three minutes.

Artist James Kuhn has painted his own face at a level of creativity that’s much higher than tiny pumpkins for fall or reindeer for Christmas.

His paintings are elaborate and completely transform his noggin into something that comes alive in a whole different manner.

He’s taken his painting project to the 365 phase, with a different facial facade for each day. On his Flickr site, he’s also got videos so you can see his art in action. I recommend checking out the great white shark.

He’s produced a photo book of his face painting too.

Everything from pop culture icons to food to nature become his subjects.

Here are just a few of my favorites.

BTW, this is my first NaBloPoMo post for November.

Come back every day this month and see what’s happening here at the Squirrel Queen’s palace.

Heck, just come back every day forever.

The Queen commands thee.

New York Apartment Filled With Mystery

Aunt B was talking about building a house out of sod now that she won’t be signing papers on her dream home.

If she needs an architect, she might want to hire architectural designer Eric Clough.

Clough spent years working on a revamp of an upscale NY apartment for some really rich folks.

They gave him free reign and did he take advantage.

One of the apartment owners asked if he could place a poem he wrote to his wife and children inside a wall during the remodel. From that idea sprang an elaborate puzzle that encompassed nearly every inch of the giant apartment, resulting in secret codes, hidden nooks and crannies, an entire book written to further the adventure and a mystery that took two years for the family to solve. Everything from radiator grills to photos in the bathroom to spindles on a bed turned into clues.

How cool is that?

Cash Money Cartoons

As I mentioned the other day, I can’t draw worth a flip.

Badger, who can draw a mighty fine cartoon or caricature, always giggles when she sees my rough artistic renderings. Hmmm … rendering, that’s what you do with fat isn’t it?

Anyway, I found this set of pics on Flickr that another artist has posted.

The set involves U.S. greenbacks, ink pens and occasionally some highlighters.

Joe D takes money and draws some clever and eye-catching caricatures on Lincoln, Washington, Hamilton and the gang. Some are inspired by pop culture while others are just funny.

Here are a few selections. To see them all, go here.

I love a silly pun and the one above is pretty obvious dontcha think. It’s a Lincoln log for the less literal among you.

Come on now. Hum the Batman theme and think dreamy thoughts about Adam West.

We’ll end with a little EMO for you.

Getting your art on


I spent a bit of my time being creative this evening. I left my normal blunt-tipped scissors and heavy-weight construction paper and white paste on my desk and used a different venue to make something worth one thousand words.

Voila! It’s Pete. He’s from my blue period.

Go try your skills at putting together something smooth at Mr. Picassohead.

Hat tip to Bookbabie. Go check out her real talent, with Mr. Picassohead and without.