Dunkin’ Dwight Howard Wins Wearing Superman’s Cape

Over the last few years, the NBA’s All-Star Slam Dunk competition has been sort of blah. No recent effort has burst onto the nation’s radar. The big name guys like Kobe Bryant and Lebron aren’t slamming and jamming. They’re cheering from the sidelines while some of the less known athletes try to stir up an extra endorsement contract with their moment in the spotlight.

For the most part, that hasn’t translated into drama, thrills, excitement, etc.

Long gone are the days of Jordan, Dominique Wilkins or even Spud Webb creating a bit of water cooler buzz with their high-flying heroics.

That is until the 2008 competition.

Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic brought a bit of flair into the night by unveiling a Superman cape and a matching T-shirt to complement his soaring, long-jump style dunk to thrill the masses. His other dunks, including one starting behind the backboard and another involving a Nerf style mini hoop, were nothing to sneeze at.

In addition to Howard’s buzz-inspiring dunk, defending slam dunk champ Gerald Green of theMinnesota Timberwolves brought pastries into the mix.

How can you not get the Squirrel Queen’s vote when you combine baked goods and basketball.

It was enough to get you to leap up off your couch and cheer.

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5 responses to “Dunkin’ Dwight Howard Wins Wearing Superman’s Cape

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  4. I have never missed the slam dunk competition since junior high and this year, I missed it!!! It would have been great to have seen creativity brought back into mix after everyone felt the need to copy J.R. Rider’s between the legs dunk for years and years. Dang it! Saw the cupcake blowout dunk, though, in highlights. Very suhweet.:)

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