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No, it’s not a fancy shrimp from a Japanese restaurant.

It’s a bone eating worm from the deep blue sea called the Osedax.

Mental Floss has 6 Weird Worms that have to be seen to be believed and details about them that make them even odder.

One Australian crawler is blue. There’s one variety called the pig butt worm because of what it resembles. Another was thought to be extinct until a few years ago.

Check out this link to a video of a ribbon worm.

Squirrel Queen’s Leap Day

February 29. Leap Day.

We all had an extra day to work with yesterday. I wasn’t overly productive with mine.

I did my civic duty and paid my property taxes. While outside the courthouse, I spotted a giant earthworm on the rain-soaked sidewalk. That monster was about eight inches long. I stopped and took a snap of it for my Project 365 set.

I had lunch with Newscoma and Killawatts at the local meat & 3 buffet. Since I’ve had this cold, I haven’t really been able to taste anything all week. Therefore, some of the blandness emanating from my plate can be attributed to my suppressed and oppressed taste buds.

At the office in the afternoon, I did some actual work at my desk. Earlier in the week, I waded through piles of paper and clutter that were about to overwhelm me. I’ll admit the main reason I got my neatfreak on was in order to present a half-way decent appearance to a job shadower from a nearby middle school on Wednesday. The 2.0 version of my office had me getting a jump on the work for Monday. Yay me for working ahead.

After work, Newscoma and Badger Beth and I had a few brews at a local drinking establishment. Tasty. It was the first Friday night I haven’t had a basketball game to cover in what seems like months. The last of my high school hoop teams got eliminated earlier in the week, so I took advantage of not having to head to a game, at least until softball/baseball/soccer/tennis seasons opens in a few days.

After some hot wings, I headed home and hit the hay.

Four more years until my next extra day.

Maybe I’ll get more done next time.