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Geek Christmas Ornaments

I’m trying to get in the Christmas spirit, but haven’t had much luck lately.

Oddly enough, these geeky little Christmas ornaments may have helped perk up the spirits a bit, considering I have actually had two of them dangle from my own tree.

Yep, Newscoma has the Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock ornaments.

It seems, there are ornaments for all sorts of gamers out there too.

Everything from the old-school NES

to the Wii can dangle from your Douglas Fir.

And who needs fruit cake (even an inflatable fruit cake) when there are sushi ornaments available.

Toxel the full list of 14 unusual Christmas ornaments

Wii’s Most Wanted Criminal

Who needs a sketch artist in the video game era?

Believe it or not, Japanese police used the Wii to create a likeness of a wanted criminal.

The Mii portion of the game, normally used to compose a game component that resembles the people playing the Wii, was put to use to come up with a representation of the long-haired, brunette man who drove a car involved in an accident.

Posters with the Mii image and a photo of the type of car involved were put up near the scene of the crash.

The Telegraph has more details on the creative Wii use by Japanese police.

Wii at the Oscars

                                                         So John Stewart and I have something in common here on Oscar night. We both played Wii tennis. I also added a little Wii bowling to my repertoire. And my Wii fitness age today was 23. No lie. Top that!!!!!