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Rotten Meat Ruins Town

What smells worse than skunk roadkill?

How about 44 tons of rotting meat.

A town in South Dakota had a funk of a smell hovering over it when a meat plant owner abandoned his plant and left 44 tons of bison meat inside it. You read that correctly – TONS.

When the power was turned off due to non payment for electricity, the bison became a beast of an odor as it rotted.

The city eventually took it upon itself to remove the foul meat. Even the fire department was called in to help with the clean up.

Yahoo has the rest of the story of the putrid meat and its stinky fog.

Snake Foot

What’s more rare than hen’s teeth?

How about a snake leg?

Oh, wait. They found a snake with one leg and a clawed foot in China.

The woman who found it in her home beat it to death, but preserved the body.

Freaky stuff.

The Telegraph has the whole story of the legged snake.

Photo: CEN/Europics

Om Nom Nom Nom

Suddenly I’m very hungry.

(Don’t let the still image on the video fool you. It’s not overtly sexual in nature and very safe for work, etc.)

Paul Stanley Scandal

Two men named Paul Stanley.

One has recently been involved in a sex scandal.

Which do you think it was – the Rocker or the Republican?

Michael Jackson Sighted In Lard

If the Virgin Mary can show up on a grilled cheese sandwich that gets sold on ebay, it was only a matter of time before someone spotted an image of Michael Jackson somewhere.

It happened in Brazil.

The King of Pop popped up in the lard left over in the bottom of a pan of carne asada. An image of Michael Jackson is “visible” in the grease left in the tray.

Suddenly I’m not so hungry for lunch.

Bizarre Vinyl

Thanks to @missbethd on Twitter, I ran across some captivating, disturbing and laughable album covers at Bizarre Vinyl.

Remember back in the day before mp3s – and even CDs and cassettes – when you bought albums and the artwork on the sleeve was usually poster worthy. These albums don’t really fit that bill, unless you’re talking about some nightmare-inducing photos.

Here is just a small sample of the odd musical history available over there.

Praise be to independent labels.

and the Singing MidgetJesus Use MeThe Ministers Quartet

Bat Rides Shuttle Into Space

Talk about a ride.

An injured bat clung to the space shuttle Discovery’s external fuel tank during its launch Sunday.

He was spotted hanging on to the tank prior to liftoff and an analysis was done to determine if he could damage the heat shields if he banged into them during the launch. The NASA folks determined it would be safe to take off with the critter still on board and did so.

The astro-bat was still visible on the shuttle when it passed the tower on the way up.

The tiny critter likely didn’t last too long after that though.

Here’s more info on the bat’s shuttle ride into space.