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Feel Good Friday – OK Go

I know it’s late in the day, but it’s still Friday and who doesn’t love a Rube Goldberg Machine. Now that’s a winning combination.

It’s OK Go’s new video for their song “This Too Shall Pass.”

I’ve used OK Go for my Feel Good Friday before with their synchronized treadmill action on the video for the song “Here It Goes Again.”

Suddenly I have an urge to play the old game Mouse Trap.

I’m With Coco B.

All this television chatter about Jay Leno’s primetime failure and subsequent return to late night by supplanting Conan O’Brien‘s current slot got me to thinking.

There’s an “I’m With Coco” movement afoot for those folks supporting the carrot-topped (but not that Carrot Top) tv host. O’Brien has opted to put his foot down and refuse to move.

Talk all you want about that Conan, but I’m rooting for a different Conan.

The original Conan – The Barbarian.

The real deal who would smite down Leno with one deft swoop of his sword. “The Chin” would fall in a heap at this Conan’s feet.

Gawker has a round-up of all the late night hosts and their Leno bashing.

The Simpsons and Star Trek Themes Collide

It’s Bart Simpson vs Captain Kirk or Lisa Simpson meets Spock.

Using a Theremin, a funnel and a Rhodes piano, a combination of The Simpsons and the Star Trek theme songs has been mashed together.

It’s not quite Gwen Stefani and the Soggy Bottom Boys, but it is different.

And how often do you get to see a Theremin in action.

Survivor Blogs – The Reading Tribe Has Spoken

I’m so glad Survivor is back on the air for its 17th season.

The drama, the tears, the dirty fingernails, the back stabbing – ahhh, I love it.

In addition to the hour each week I spend watching the actual show, one of the big treats of the season is my weekly reading of Entertainment Weekly correspondent Dalton Ross’ online recaps. He’s funny. He ridicules the cast members’ obvious strategic gaffes. He loves Milwaukee’s Best (and I’m not talking about the Brewers’ C.C. Sabbathia). He has crushes on some of the Survivors. He’s a fan of the show who has inside connections. In recent seasons, he’s gotten to visit the Survivor sets and run through some of the challenges as the production crew tests them out beforehand.

If you aren’t reading Dalton on Friday mornings, you’re missing out.

Now EW.com has added to my reading pleasure.

Survivor host (and Emmy winner) Jeff Probst is now also doing a blog for the online magazine. Probst, in his first two postings, has made some irreverent observations about the Survivor competitors. He’s also provided some behind the scenes info. Probst lets it slip that even the behind the scenes crew were annoyed by Gillian’s incessant cheerleading and were just as happy to see her leave the show as the tribe members who voted her out.

This Probst blog post covers the debut two-hour episode and this one highlights the second episode (what they call Episode 3 due to the extra long debut).

It’s the inside stuff like that that makes it an interesting and funny read.

It also gives you a little extra Survivor boost for the week.

Matter of fact, ew.com has recaps of several popular shows the day after they air. Most are spot-on hysterical. You’ll find them under the heading “TV Watch” on the site. It’s not just reality shows (Amazing Race, Project Runway) they cover; they watch everything from sitcoms (The Office is another good one read weekly) to dramas.

Enjoy their blogs and let me know who are you rooting for this Survivor season?

Me, I’m kind of leaning toward Sugar at the moment, but that could change with one stupid strategic move. We’ll see how it pans out.

Play-Doh Bunnies Take Over New York

I’m one of those people who is more likely to pay attention to the commercials played during a broadcast than the actual show they sponsor.

Sony Bravia has utilized some eye-catching ways to tie the idea that their high definition televisions bring bold color to the consumer’s home in a way that the competitor can’t replicate.

To get their point across, Sony has used 250,000 high-bouncing super balls, spools of thread, explosions of paint and Play-doh bunnies to make their case. There’s another Bravia commercial to be released any day now in which a Miami street was filled with foaming bubbles.

The commercials are riveting and, of course, colorful. The music also sets the tone in theses adverts.

I can’t get enough of the Velveteen plasticene rabbits roaming the big city streets. It’s even more intriguing when you see the behind the scenes stuff about how the commercial was pulled off. They used natural lighting and allowed the public to wander in and out of the frames. A record was established with 40 animators on the set. Their moves were choreographed and finely tuned during a week of “boot camp” as they learned the steps needed to “wrangle” their rabbits into place. And let’s not forget to mention the 30-foot tall red rabbit that rises to loom over the street.

Check out the bunny commercial and all that went into making it.

Here is the first commercial in the series featuring the bouncing balls with musical accompaniment by Jose Gonzalez performing “Heartbeats.”

Here are the paint explosions filmed in Glasgow and using 70,000 liters of paint with the thunderous orchestral backing music from Rossini.

For those with a geometric bent, here are the spools of thread in an Egyptian setting.

The Squirrel Queen can’t wait to see how the Foam ad turns out.

Now Shhhh! Everybody be quiet. My television show is about to start again.

Survivor Squirrel

Tonight’s the night. Survivor returns again. The debut episode is this evening with this series providing a new twist – half all-star, half fans.

The last series in China was a solid one and I’m hoping Jeff Probst and Mark Burnett can keep the series on a roll.

If you want to check out some info to get you in the mood for the big debut tonight, go to Entertainment Weekly. Their correspondent Dalton Ross has the scoop on this season with several videos from the island. He gives you a sneak peak at challenges, tribal council and competitors with plenty of Probst thrown in (including a snippet of Probst singing his favorite Hall and Oats tune). If you’re a Survivor fan and aren’t familiar with Ross, you’ve been missing out. Every Friday, he writes a recap of the previous night’s episode that is hilarious way more often than not. He’s a fan of the show, and he’ll pick favorite competitors to love and others to hate, just like the casual fan in their living room at home or around the water cooler at work. EW does this for several popular shows and the results are usually pretty fun.

There’s also the CBS web site with their Survivor competitor bios, etc.

The Tribe Has Spoken!!