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Super Squirrel Queen

Halloween offers adults a chance to pretend they’re something or someone they’re not. Unless you’re in a local theater group or participate in live-action role-playing games or make $$$$ as a magician or work at Disney World, you’re not likely to don a costume on the average day.

Halloween is that one night a year you’re allowed to be Superman or Wonder Woman.

Little kids don’t know how great they have it. They can be a superhero just about any day. Drape a bath towel over their shoulders and suddenly they have the ability to fly. Put on a glove and they can shoot webs from the palms of their hands. Don a cowboy hat and they’re Woody. The trappings don’t have to be fancy. The imagination takes care of the rest. Sidekicks can be invisible or stuffed. Any day, every day.

And they save the world every time.

For those of you recalling those days with rough terry cloth held neath your chin by your sibling’s diaper pin, this site is for you.

Growing up Heroes shows us all those pics – old and new – of youth in all its super glory.

Super Heroes Patrol Your Neighborhood

What kid hasn’t at one time imagined a cape flowing behind them as they fly to the rescue, defeating evil doers and saving the planet?

I know Amber loves the Wonder Woman theme as an inspirational tune, but some folks are carrying the hero bit to the next level.

Now, all across America, regular folks are donning spandex and masks and hitting the streets to fight crime. From Orlando to San Diego, people are turning fantasy into reality.

Odd as it sounds, they are out there. Rolling Stone has a story about these ordinary super heroes. You can find more of them and links to their myspace pages and blogs at the World Superhero Registry.

The Rumpus has information about creating their individual costumes.

I can see it now, Super Squirrel Queen.

Of course, she’d be a flying squirrel.

Isn’t that obvious?