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Fat Tuesday

It’s been too long since I’ve been down in the Big Easy.

I think the recent Super Bowl win by the Saints has amped up my desire to make a return to NOLA.

I’m missing New Orleans. Days like today, Fat Tuesday, make me crave it even more … the food, the music, the beads, the beverages.

Speaking of beverages, I’m not Catholic, but I am giving up something for Lent this year. I’m swearing off sodas. Bye Bye Mountain Dew. See ya later Dr. Pepper. It’s been sweet, but I’m going to eliminate you.

I did this a few years ago and erased Diet Coke from my list of liquids of which I partake. As a matter of fact, it’s now been four years since I swilled a Diet Coke.

Hurricane Katrina has paid a horrible visit to New Orleans since I have. She ravaged it. I hope to make a much more gentle landing in the Crescent City.

I’d love to¬† feel the heavy air and smell the amazing aromas that waft out of doors and windows of restaurants of both the five-star and the tiny five-table variety.

The music pulses through the humidity moving your feet along the cobblestones and sidewalks, pulling you toward the rhythm. Brass boldly squawking at you. The felt-covered hammers inside the piano striking and making the strings vibrate to match the pumping of the blood through your veins. An accordion wheezing and breathing, yelling more than whispering, urging you to come inside. The city and its music speaks to you.

To put you even more in the spirit of New Orleans, Newscoma called upon Buckwheat Zydeco this morning.

I present to you Dr. John performing “Iko Iko.”

Super Bowl Sunday

It’s Super Bowl Sunday.

Hip hip hurray! It’s a holiday in the Squirrel Queen household.

A day for the best finger foods and snacks of all time. A day for football. A day for creative advertising. A day for comradery. A day for beer!

Unlike many seasons, I’m not rooting against a team, but I will be pulling for one this year.

Peyton and the Colts already have one Super Bowl ring and a Lombardi trophy. Let Drew Brees and the rest of New Orleans celebrate tonight. It would be great to be down on Bourbon Street this evening.

Like the song says, “this aint your daddy’s Saints.”

No matter which team wins today, I’ll be OK with it.

Bruce Springsteen’s Super Crotch

Sure, it was a memorable Super Bowl, that No. 43.

Santonio Holmes’ toes and Big Ben’s arm turned Arizona ecstacy into Cardinal crying in the final seconds.

I think it was all karmic payback to Kurt Warner. Remember 10 years ago, his Rams made a defensive stop on the gut-wrenching last play of the game to keep the Titans from winning it all. Take that Kurt!

But for me, likely the most memorable moment has to be getting up close and personal with the Boss’ crotch. Bruce Sprintsteen’s rock star knee slide gone out of control is probably giving one camera man nightmares for the next 10 years.

Also, was he wearing a cup? Because he never flinched. Bruce’s balls of steel.

Oh yeah, I forgot. The show must go on.


Squirrels invade Super Bowl commercial

It seems my domain is ever expanding. My legions of tree climbers are ever more pervasive. Last night, squirrels made an appearance at the Super Bowl in a Bridgestone tire ad that was one of the most clever commercials shown during the big game.

What’s not to love about a screaming squirrel and a hysterical Richard Simmons.

If you want to see all the Super Bowl commercials, go here. You can even vote on which ones were your favorites.

Tiki torched

Former NY Giant running back Tiki Barber questioned Eli Manning’s abilities prior to and during this season. It looks like Peyton’s little brother gets the last laugh, a shot at a Super Bowl ring.

I wonder where Tiki will be watching his former teammates play in the big game. Will he root for or against the G-Men?

Big question for a guy with a big mouth.

Double dip = Super Bowl party foul

As we progress closer to the date of Tom Brady’s coronation as the second coming of the son of the football God with his guidance of the Patriots to the culmination of the anticipated perfect season, the Squirrel Queen will continue to advise those anxious to be on their best behavior on Super Bowl Sunday.

Here’s another cautionary tale for those planning on hovering around the party snacks at your super gathering. This dramatic snack food moment includes Jerry Seinfeld’s less-than-socially-graceful friend George Costanza.

Climbing under the influence

I know Super Bowl weekend is upon us and lots of folks are planning on partying quite a bit and adult beverages might be involved as you either boo or cheer for the New England Patriots in their pursuit of a perfect season, so I’m just putting out a friendly reminder that friends don’t let friends climb drunk.

In the video below, this is your squirrel brain on fermented pumpkins.