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Man Receives Double Arm Transplants

How’s this for a modern medical miracle – two new arms from a cadaver.

A German farmer had both arms ripped off in a threshing machine.

Six years later, he’s the recipient of the first ever simultaneous double arm transplant.

Pretty soon we will be able to put Humpty Dumpty together again or at least create Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man.

Remember when 6 million seemed like a lot of money?

Man Saves Dog From Shark – Darwin List Averted

How much do you love your pile of mutts?

Enough to nab your beloved canine from a shark’s clenched teeth?

That’s what one Florida man did when his tiny terrier Jack, who enjoys a daily swim off the Islamorada key, got chomped by a hungry shark.

The pet’s owner dove in off the dock like a “battering ram” and slammed into the back of the shark’s neck, startling the toothy beast and forcing him to let the pooch loose. Jack swam the few yards to shore followed by his owner without further attack from the sea creature.

Jack is one lucky dog who received plenty of stitches, but will be okay after his aquatic adventure.

My slumbering mutts at the top of this post have never seen an ocean, let alone a shark, but they do like leftovers from Long John Silver’s.

The Miami Herald has the whole story and a slide show.

Assault With a Stinky Fart

So a man arrested for DUI had charges stacked on his crap rap sheet when he farted on the officers fingerprinting him in Kanawha County, West Virginia.

For his drunken gaseous effort, the officers added battery on a police officer and obstruction to his chargers.

I’m thinking there was definitely nothing obstructed here and that’s the whole problem.

The actual criminal complaint can be read here.

WSAZ in Charleston, WV has a funny video clip that I couldn’t get to load and some of the details.

God Arrested For Selling Cocaine

It seems police in Tampa recently threw God into the slammer for selling cocaine.

Apparently the dealer named God Lucky Howard isn’t omnipotent enough to overrule the Florida legislation on dealing drugs near a church or school.

He was being held on a bond of $86,500.

I’m not sure how that breaks down as far as tithing.

Here’s the full story.

Assault with a Frozen Chicken

Here at the Squirrel Queen’s palace, we celebrated Snake Week back in the spring of 2008 when a confluence of reptile stories caught my eye.

Now, it appears 2008 will be the Summer of the Bird. We’ve had chicken bombs, Smoke Monster starlings and territorial blackbirds flying to the forefront.

Now the feathered fever is involving humans.

It seems a man in Detroit attacked his neighbor with frozen chicken parts. The wallop from the 10-pound bag resulted in stitches for the woman. The clucker attack came after the same man stabbed his mother in the neck with a fork. The assaults were the results of his requests for cash being denied.

I’m guessing a man comporting himself in such a manner didn’t say “please” when he requested their money.

Arrests were made and the man is now cooped up.

Tasty Skink Escapes

A fisherman got a surprise when his catch regurgitated a skink.

Check out the tail which has been partially digested.


For more pics, go here.

Which Witch Flies Over Mexico?

I told you earlier this week the Squirrel Queen loves giant beasts.

I also love a good witch/UFO mystery.

What’s been flying over the Mexican city of Monterey and attacking the local police officers?

Video shot in Mexico in 2006 shows “something” leaping off a cliff and then flying across the void. The Sun has reignited the controversy.

Some are saying it’s a witch. Others are just declaring it an alien cruising around on its version of a scooter.

Judge for yourself, but at least watch the video long enough to see the visibly shaken cops relate their stories. They describe being attacked by some real baddies wearing big pointy hats.

Ahh, it was probably just the ghost of Agnes Moorehead scheming up a new way to bug Derwin or maybe a balloon. Nah, it couldn’t have been a balloon. That’s just too obvious.

I’m sticking with witch.