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One Strange Morning

What a morning the Squirrel Queen has had.

Earthquakes, mimes, Soulja Boy and naked birds.

And no, there weren’t any illegal stimulants involved.

Instead, I was awakened by my bed shaking. This time it wasn’t my red hot lover nor the three hounds who usually inhabit my slumber area causing the ruckus.

Yep, the earthquake woke me up. I’ve never lived in LA, so this is one morning to remember.

I could feel the wave-like motion as the bed shifted back-and-forth from side to side. The metal pulls on

the dresser in the room were clanking rhythmically and the curtains were swaying. It took me a minute to register what was going on, but I was aware of the quake before everything came to standstill.

Oddly enough, I was just thinking about the New Madrid fault line two days before.

And, no, this doesn’t make me a psychic.

Then I’m trying to find something to write about for PopFi and lo and behold I come across a book printed in 1974 that had mimes acting out the alphabet. Yes, it was cleverly titled, the Mime Alphabet Book.

Check out the image at the top for the letter X just to get a notion about how freaky this is.

So I do some Mime research and learn that Marcel Marceau had an alphabet book too.

And somebody has taken the time to mash-up Soulja Boy with Marcel Marceau and another guy has a mime video to Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn.

So I put together a mime post over there.

Well worth a look I think.

Then things got even weirder, if you can top a hip hop mime video, when I found the naked cockatoo named Oscar. The plucked bird reminded me of the little creepy cornish game hens from Eraserhead.

Strange, I tell you.

A strange morning.